Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Passed With Excellence

My dad’s such a genius, I tell you! My mum emailed me the other day reporting some real amazing good news. Go read my dad’s blog. All glory to God.

Whoopee, I can hardly wait. Very soon my dad can certify me as an Open water Diver already! Can you possibly believe it? My own father – teaching me how to scuba dive! How cool is that? I’m so fortunate. Thank you God, so much!

Another exciting upcoming thing is…

The Grace Youth Camp!!!

Oh my, oh my, oh my, I am so extremely hyped up. I can’t believe it’s so near already. And this year, the number of youths signing up for GY Camp is hitting the record of 300 campers already! My goodness, ain’t our God awesome? So many of my PJ youth friends are coming this year, and I’m so terribly thrilled about it.

Not to forget (I’ve been reminding a lot of people already…), there’s the Pre Camp Rally this Saturday at 2 o’ clock, in Grace Klang main sanctuary. It’s compulsory to be there. And seriously, it’ll get you totally hyped up for the actual camp next coming Saturday! So be there, or be square. =)

Go check out this site:

Created by Poh Leong. Don’t mistake it for a GY Camp blog or a pre camp magazine blog or something yeah. Poh Leong just wanted some fun. Pretty cool, though. See my FACE there?! :P

Meet Matthew Chang, another pastor’s kid. xD Ahahaha.

My head is throbbing mad. I’m thinking, yes I’m thinking. Chill, Bryan, chill. :P

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