Monday, November 12, 2007


Does some kind person here have this really-hard-to-find movie I really wanna’ watch called, Hairspray?

Oh please, please, have it. And, pray, could you lend it to me?

Just yesterday I called Shaina to ask if she could lend me her Hairspray DVD, but guess what? She said someone else had already borrowed it. Aiyoo… And when I asked when it would be returned to her, she told me that her friend would probably return in only NEXT YEAR! Oh shucks, what devastating news.

So if you have it, I’d be absolutely pleased if you’d be sympathetic enough to lend it to me. =D

And also, my dad just left for Phuket yesterday afternoon. And he’ll be off for 3 weeks! Gah. Dear God please protect him. And us… :)

Well, not to worry, I guess. He'll be just OK. =)

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