Saturday, November 10, 2007

Looks like I’ve contracted some sort of horrible skin disease or something.

This shot was taken when I was in Phuket. Haha, but I like this picture. It shows how “burned” I was during the Phuket trip. I was literally living the “beach life”! And I miss it lah. Nearly everyday was spent hanging around at the beach and pool under the sun. No wonder I was sun burned to the max. My skin peeled off twice during the two-week holiday. It sort of recovered, then I got into the sun again, and it started peeling in a horrifying way.

Just a random shot. My mum caught this one.

I suddenly thought of Phuket because my dad will be going off to Phuket tomorrow until the end of this month to do his Scuba Diving Instructor course. Yeap, so very soon he can certify me to be an Open Water diver, too. =D

Yesterday I was talking with Diane about scuba diving and stuff. She dives, too; quite a handful of us from church scuba dive. And there are still a lot more who are interested to start. Man, we’re seriously so blessed to be able to do such things even at such a young age. I really thank God for the opportunity.

But unfortunately, I didn’t exactly, thoroughly, get to enjoy my first two “Discovery” dives while I was in Phuket because I was having horrible sea-sickness. When I surfaced, I started throwing up. Yes, right when I was still in the sea water. Ugh, you can imagine.

These underwater shots were taken by Nicholas Teh with Uncle Herbert's camera - they were also diving with us.

After our snorkelling and dive. Me, Janna, Jirene, Mum, Nicholas Teh, and Carl, our dive instructor.

A few other random shots. I find this scene pretty amusing. Taken at Patong Beach.

I don't know how else to describe this. It was just perfectly beautiful.

Credits to my dad for this shot. =D

My dad will be taking the camera along, so I’ll be “camera-less” during these three weeks. Haha. Oh well. He’ll be posting pictures of his trip in his blog when he’s there.

- What a dreary day. I want to go for youth service! Gah. -

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