Saturday, November 10, 2007

Worship Workshop (8/11/07)

Yesterday I went for a Worship Workshop conducted by LIFE Church, in Grace PJ. They were a band representing their home church in Melbourne, Australia. The workshop was pretty fun, but unfortunately, I felt we didn’t have enough time. I didn’t take a lot of shots, though. But it’s sufficient.

Yes Poh Leong, here’s finally your long awaited post. Haha, you’re actually as tall as Tristan! =)

Marie, the worship director in Life Church.

Nicolas Tsakis, the senior pastor of Life Church.

Luke, the youth pastor.

Christopher, the senior pastor's eldest son.

The keyboardist and drummer: Tristan and Scott

Poh Leong trying out the bass.

Su Ling was playing drums!

Alicia, Ai Theeng, and I

Dawn, the guitarist. =)

Carl, Some lady xD, Sioe Fei, Nick, and Don (I think)

The lil' guy is Caleb

Tristan and Poh Leong

Chris and Brenda (eh, remember to bring your camera next time larr... :P)

Chris and Rebecca

Gabby, Miss Nuthead, and I =P

Tata, old friend. See you next year. =D Hey I just realized: spot those two people in the background? :P

I lost my teddie, can I hug you instead? See Dawnie's shirt? Hahaha. Man, Dawn looks too innocent. Warning: Don't be deceived. :P

Me, Sandra, Rebecca, and Marie

Brenda, Ai Theeng, Sherwyn, Alicia, Marie, Rebecca, and I

Credits to Poh Leong. =)

Yesterday marks the last day I’ll be seeing the Klang folks. I’ll only see them again on December 1st at the GY Camp pre rally. Boohoo. And the worst thing is, I’ll only be seeing Joyce NEXT YEAR!! This reminds me, I haven’t really TALKED to her for months already. Boohoohoo.

Tonight I’m going to Emma’s cell. Whoop-de-doo, where’s the blueberry cheesecake?? =D

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