Sunday, December 2, 2007

News Update

My parents were back from Phuket just yesterday night! But my dad’s in Bukit Tinggi now for a PJ youth leaders’ retreat. Yeah, he just got back and he has to go off for some camp already. *rolls eyes*

They brought back loads of instant noodles from Phuket. My parents didn’t even buy me the “normal stuff” people get for their kids when they go for holidays. Not that they’re so stingy, but I guess they were too busy diving. And anyway, I was so blur and ignorant that I didn’t bother demanding for anything. The other time I went to Phuket, I didn’t even buy anything back. So no one expects me to get them any souvenirs next time also, OK. :P Yeah, I’m actually already contented with those packets of really extra hot tom yam flavored noodles. =) Good stuff.

The past one week spent at my aunt May’s house was awesome. We had so many programs and stuff; we didn’t even have to do our homework since we were going out nearly everyday. =D I love going somewhere. Yes, just SOMEWHERE will do. Who likes to rot at home anyway?

Yesterday was the last day I could hang out with my old church friends until who knows when. I’ll miss Claudia. We get along surprisingly well, and we’re both so funny and crazily goofy in weird ways. Ah well, I thank God for the opportunity to see them this holiday. I’ll see you guys soon. I hope. =)

Today I went to Klang for the Pre Camp Rally. The pictures my dad took are with Zlwin. That greedy pig stole it all. :P Those who managed to come for the Rally were introduced to their respective groups (there are 20 groups in all) and their group and assistant leaders.

I’m a group leader this year, and my lovely assistant is Mr. Bryan Ong! Whoopee, you’ll totally rock my socks, dude! Glad we’re working together this year. I really thank God I was placed in such a fantabulous team! You’ll find out my group name (or rather, my imaginary country name) this coming Saturday. I can’t believe camp is sooo near already!

And if you didn’t know, we’re gonna’ have HYDRO WAR this year! Yesss, I know, in CAMERONS some more weih. But no sweat la, its GY CAMP remember? Everyone sure very gung-ho wan. Who cares whether we’re gonna’ shoot each other with our water weapons and freeze halfway? Or whether we’ll be shivering and running in the mist while soaking each other with cold spray? (Hey, that rhymes! Cool. =D) I can hardly wait!

Tomorrow’s another long day. There’s concert practice after the Christmas Play practice, which is after church. And hopefully, I’m gonna’ watch Enchanted, too. Unfortunately, I think Stardust is out of the cinemas already. Boo hoo. =’(

Joyce, when are you gonna leave? Faster leave la. Then you can come back earlier. (Oookayys, what kinda’ logic is that?)

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