Monday, December 3, 2007


Whoopee doo, I watched Enchanted today! I went with Justine and Jaedon Tan – my two goofy cousins. Haha, nolah, at least only ONE is goofy. The other became our play-pretend, temporary-only, cousin-mother for two short hours. Haha, kidding, that sounds disastrously inappropriate!

Enchanted was so hilariously amusing, I tell you. I found it pretty entertaining. Man, I feel like watching it again lah. It’s a very good idea, really. I like the part when the short ugly guy asks the prince: “Do you love yourself?”

And the prince replied stupidly: “Well, what’s not to like?”

Okay never mind, I think no one found that amusing. You should catch this movie, anyhow. Nice one. =) This silly fairytale reminds me of what little 5 year-old Jan Ern told me on last Friday night. It came like out of no-where, really.

Jan Ern: Next time when someone wants to marry you, you must say, “I don’t want.”

Me: Huh – but why not?

Jan Ern looks at me as if I was the dumbest person in the world and says simply: Cause’ then you’ll have to kiss kiss!

Laughs out loud. Uh, okay, I thought that was the point?! Hahaha, how funny.

Anyway, guess what? Hurrahs! I finally got to watch HAIRSPRAY!!!

Yeaaaahh, like, FINALLY. (I don’t usually talk like that, though. You know, all that “like, this; like, so totally, that.” :P) It’ll be fit for Zoe though. I mean, Zoe Lim – and Ng as well. =P Ahahaha. Anyway, I found out Justine had the Hairspray DVD, she just bought it today – tee hee, good for me! =D It really made me feel like dancing along. What a jolly groovy movie.

Hey, Bryan, chill dude. We’re so not gonna’ die, OK. There’s plenty to look forward to. =D This is also to everyone who’s stressing out over camp. Ha-ha-ha. Except for some exceptional people, I suppose… ;)

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