Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fun On Monday

Yesterday my family went swimming (well, not exactly. I didn’t swim – was sorta’ lazy. I took some pictures instead. :) Heh.). After that we went to the Pavilion KL for the second time. THIS time, we tried the famous J. Co Donuts and Coffee (at least, I was the one who was the most eager to try it. I offered to queue up for about 20 minutes at the counter!) There were about 30 people lining up at one time. I was curious to find out why so many people were interested to eat these donuts. It seemed even more popular than Big Apple’s Donuts!

Only later on I realized why the donut shop had such an unbelievably long queue. The line was so long because the big donut store only had ONE miserable counter. Usually, food stores will have a few counters, but they purposefully opened only one counter, so the queue will be extra long. And so inattentive passers-by – like me – would be curious to find out why there are so many people lining up and would also join the queue to find out. Yeah, clever gimmick huh?

I don’t find it very different from Big Apple Donuts, though. The price is pretty much the same, too. But I’m not very good at tasting donuts, so it’s worth a try if you’re curious. With all these new happening donut outlets, I wonder, is Dunkin Donuts still famous ah?

Later on we went to TGIF to eat. I prefer the pictures black and white – well, except for the mud pie, I don’t know why. Hahah. And for the first time, I visited the Times Bookstore. It’s another big bookstore I’ve visited other than MPH, Borders, and Kinokuniya. The mention of Borders reminds me of what my dad commented about its tagline: Think Big. Think Borders.

My dad says it doesn’t quite make sense. I mean, how can you think big if you’re limited by borders (boundaries)?! My dad said it should instead be...

Think Big. Cross Borders.

Now that makes more sense, doesn’t it? See, my dad can be so witty. Hahaha. =) And so here are the pictures I took. It was the first time I used the camera since my dad came back last Friday!

Lift off! Haha, I managed to snap this. There were a lot of birds hanging out at the pool. :P

I like the angle. And I actually accidentally snapped this picture.

Those two specks are birds. Unfortunately, this picture appears small. Otherwise the birds will add to the "niceness" of this picture.

My goodness, I think my wrist looks "funny."

Oooh, I love the silhouettes and the reflection on the water ripples.

I love this black and white shot.

After that we went to the Pavilion.

Dropped by at J. Co Donuts & Coffee.

Look at the ever-long queue!

Yes, the forever-long queue...

The famous Al capone.

The Oreo-topped donut.


The Tira miss you donut.


The heavenly mud pie. Actually ah, I also can make it lah.

The Times Bookstore. I think people thought we were tourists. Though I think we looked perfectly Malaysian. How funny.

Ooooh, I simply LOVE the perspective of this picture. Janna was the one who pointed it out to me.

Credits to Janna.

The Pavilion, KL.

The birds are flying high in the sky, but you are looking at the shit on the ground. (quote, my dad) Hahaha! So look the sunny side.

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