Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tomorrow, Here I Come!

I can’t believe it. Every time I remember that GY Camp is only a few days away – and now it’s barely a day away, I suddenly feel it’s so hard to comprehend. I mean, I’ve been waiting for GY Camp to come for months, and now when it’s finally here, it suddenly feels so awfully near. I feel unprepared, in a way. But nevertheless, I’m going for it! No turning back. And I pray everything will run smoothly and that I’ll have no regrets. Amen. =)

I feel excited. I feel over-enthusiastic. And when I am in such a condition, I’m 99 % sure that I can make YOU excited about camp, too! This’ll be my third time joining GY Camp, and I kinda’ know what awaits me. But every camp is different, and I’m expecting something more, something extraordinary to happen this year. There are about 300 people coming for camp this year, and that’s awesomely amazing!

I’m gonna get to know so many people – some from church, some outside of church, some new people, some old fellas, some who are as hyped up as I am, and some who are probably forced to come. No matter what, let each of us make everyone else welcome – especially those in our own teams. Don’t just go to camp expecting to receive and be taken care of by whomever. Do something more. Reach out to those who are new to camp or to Jesus. Look out for those who are quiet and shy. Pump excitement into everyone you meet. It will certainly be MY pleasure to do that. ;)

We’re all going to learn, to have loads of interminable fun, and to experience God’s hand upon us all – the YOUTHS. Hope to see you tomorrow. And please oh please, don’t forget to bring your WATER WEAPONS!!! They are highly important. But of course, everything else in your checklist is also important la… :P

I’ll be back in four days. With loads of pictures, I bet. And OH YES! Guess what? Another member in my team, Bryant, has a real chun camera also! DSLR, wei. So there’ll be two photographers in my country. Oh yes. Oh whoopee! =D

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