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D.I.E GY Camp 2007

Wahooo!! I’m back from GY Camp! =D Man, this morning when I woke up, I found my voice so “croaky” – have been screaming too much. xD Camp was fantastic! It was pretty much different from last year’s. This camp was a very busy camp for me. I was running around everywhere nearly the whole time that I didn’t even get to sit down and eat properly and just talk to people. But oh well, I still had fun running around everywhere. :P So yeah, praise God for the opportunity to join this year’s GY Camp! =)

And did you know, Ps. Henry’s preaching was a big two thumbs up! All of us enjoyed it. God is great! One of the things I was so hyped up about was my country – ELMO’S WORLD! Aaaahhh! I LOVE YOU GUYS – all you awesome and supportive citizens of Elmo’s World! I shall mention each one of you. =)

Bryan Ong, my fantastic assistant leader!

Han Ern – he helped Elmo’s World win 2nd placing for our oh-so-cute-elmo-ish name tag.

Melody Teo – you were very encouraging to me in a way. =)

Christina Gan – she wrote a testimony about Elmo’s World which will be featured in the GY Camp 2007 magazine!

Sherlyn – I’m all smiles. :)

Jonathan Gui – it was fun talking to you. Great to have you in Elmo’s World!

Kah Wern – thanks for reminding me to chill. And next time work harder at being our cheerleader! :P

Nick Khong, you’re so hyper!

Simon Yeoh – he really did so much to help us earn money.

Jaspret and Yu Li – you’re both just awesome. Thank you for memorizing Matthew 16:24 and being enthusiastic to earn points!

Bryant Sum, my wunnerful banker. ;)

And Sarah Lim, our awesome group advisor!

My group fitted perfectly well. I really thank God that I had the chance to get to know these wonderful people and work together with them at camp. And as a result, Elmo's World won 3rd place along with Mein Kreuz and the Gladiators!! Wahooo! =D Everything went well, and I feel so accomplished. I bet each one of us brought back with us good and fun memories of GY Camp 2007! God is so good.

So here are the pictures I’ve picked. Look closely and enjoy! =) (The first 20 pictures were grabbed from Zlwin Chew's blog.)

300 campers!

Lava Jagne - Abigail Ho as group leader

No Name Land - Abel Raj

Land of the Furious Flame - Jon Kok

Promessaland - Miguel

Grace Kam, I'm so glad you came! =)

Christmas Skyland - Lim An Drew

Knock! Knock! - Naeden

Bling Bling Land - Aisha and Johannes

Kingdom Huh? - Joshua Jesudasen

Opadus - Jacklyn

Kampung Bikini Donuts - Don Desmond

Gummy Land - Hwee Hwee

Mein Kreuz - Mendee

Country Road - Alex Yong

The Gladiators - Jian Quin

Kampung Chillex - Jonathan Kong

Kingdom For Christ (K.F.C) - Sophira Chong

Thousand Island - Aaron Kumar

Yoke Pei and I

Bernice and Naeden - I was zooming in on them. Hahah. I like how the lighting and silhouette fits.

Joylene and the peeps who got water baptized in the freezing cold waterfall.

Adrian Yap giving his testimony.

Nana, Jon Gui, and Bryan drawing the poster for the workshop.

The skit by Cybertron - astronauts going to the moon to find that it's made of cheese!

Joanne Lin, Joshua, and Jude

Kampung Bikini Donuts' skit - kindergarten children overtaking the world.

Christmas Skyland's skit - vikings time travel to the future find themselves in a pasar malam.

Bling Bling Land's skit narrators - on a sinking ship rescued by aliens.

Alwin Tan (your acting skills rock! :P) and Rebecca acting for Land of the Furious Flame - they time travel to the future to find out that robots have overtaken the world.

Mein Kreuz' skit

Titus, the narrator for Teh Tarik Republic's skit - a confusion between the body parts.

Evelyn - the heart. =)

Kampung Chillex' skit - Caleb Tan, you're soooo farnee!!!! :P

Lava Jagne's skit

Jhun Hoe and I. Funny guy. I really enjoyed your acting weih! :P

Lilian and I

Darren singing his song.

Oi, its Justin Ooi! =P

Zlwin passing Ethan Tan Eng Seng, Yu Li's brother, a bible. He accepted the Lord on the last night of camp!

Han Ern solving the Rubic's Cube.He did it in 3 minutes!!!

Joshua, Jon Chew, Bryan, and I

Big Goofs. XD

With Gabby, Sioe Fei, and Yoke Ping

I've yet to find out who Bryan's G.A. is. He/she gave him cat food and dish washing soap as Guardian Angel gifts!!! Hahaha!!

Yu Li and I. An Drew says she looks a lot like Steffi. Yeah man, how true is THAT??!!

With Andrew Yem. =)

Rowena and Jon Kong spotted an earthworm!

The entertainers - and "bodek-ers". :P

Hwee Hwee and I

Gideon and I

Titus Loh! =D

We'll take over the world.


Elmo's World. =D

Best New Female Camper -Vivien Yap!!! (pssst, Adrian Yap's lil' sister, you know...) :P

Best New Male Camper - Samuel Lim! =)

Han Jian (Han Ern's brother), Dawn, Alvan, and Jessica

Best Female Camper and Actor - Lee Jian Quin!!

Best Male Camper - Justin Ooi

Camp PSYCHO *drum rolls* Jon Chandra - Mister/Miss Perky! :P


Darren Teoh initiating this year's Tiger Court - No, I mean, FOOD COURT.

Benny Pulut, the Judge.

Petrina, the executioner!

With Ai Theeng and Alicia

Hannah and Weng Choon (I think xD) of Gummy Land

With Sherlyn and Christina Gan

With Andy and Jian Quin - the Gladiators' chiefs!

With Michelle Ooi and Mendee - Mein Kreuz champions

Celebration time. =D

I love this picture. Credits to Jaspret.

Li Shian and Vivian Ong

Sophiraaaa!!! You rock my socks! ;P



Guess who and his beeyootiful lil' guitar?

Spot Han Jian and Joshua.

Me, Janice, Jermaine, Mei Jean, and Emily

Keng Ean,my bus seat partner. =)

Nicole from FGA and Lynnette

Justin/Jianz and I =)

Benny Wong!!! =D

Elmo's World Rocks!!!! =D I'm all smiles. =)

D.I.E Camp 2007

Matthew 16:24 – “If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me.”

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