Monday, December 17, 2007

Play Some Music

Yesterday was the second time I was performing in a concert. Yeap, I play the piano. I practice everyday. I like it very much. I want to play more. I want to play better. I want to play like a pianist. A real pianist. If you get my meaning. :P But I wish it was easier. Yes, I’ll aim for it.

Good, better, best
Never let it rest.
Until your good becomes better,
And your better becomes best.
Then you’ll become better then the rest!

– Quote, someone-I-forgot-who.

I got to know quite a bunch of people at the rehearsal yesterday. It was a jolly good opportunity. Uh okay, I’m running out of time. So here are a load of pictures. They make my job easier. I love pictures. God is so good to have given George Eastmann (or whoever else) such a brilliant mind of ideas to invent the camera.

Enjoy much! =)

Janielle Beh reads a lot. She reads day and night. A good book is like a lover to her. Ahahaha, no, forget that one. I finished reading Saint, by Ted Dekker, yesterday. Kedric lent it to me. Next book I'm going to grab from him is, Thr3e. =D
Li Nar and I

Crystal and I. My goodness, she's only 12, can you believe it? And she's reads Reader's Digest, too! =P

Crystal, Carine, Me, and Valerie

Before performance time. =)

Justine Tan and I

I only know Annabelle and Jol Ann. And that girl in the middle, of course.

Jirene and friends. Ha ha.

With Carine and Selina

I don't know why, but I just prefer Black and White pictures when it comes to me in front of the piano.

Suits better.

I like the next three pictures. I shall entitle it: "Up to Mischief".

You wonder what they're up to. Up on stage.


Oh golly, I really wonder what's up. (No they're not posing or doing some lame dance action. Really.)

Annabelle and Janna

Geraldine and I

See Ying and I. We performed together 3 years ago. She composed her own song, and played a piece from The Secret. Really nice.

That's for all. =)

And oh yes, I cannot forget to mention that I went for the Battle of the Bands event in Sunway Lagoon on Friday. Bus Company was part of it. You should find out more, if you’re blurrer than me. :P They won. Yes, they won, they won, THEY WON!!

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I love "The Secret" piece :)

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