Tuesday, December 18, 2007

9 Days Before Christmas

My family was invited for a pre-Christmas interlude dinner at the Harvest Community Church yesterday. Half of my relatives were there. And for the first time in months, I saw Abigail Yow. My goodness, she does look a bit different. And maybe, so do I.

I keep forgetting that there are only 350 hours (or maybe less) which equals 15 days, left till the New Year begins. This week will be extraordinarily busy. Well of course, it always is every year at this time. Christmas is approaching; 9 more days! This year, my family didn’t even put up a Christmas tree in our home. We’re so busy running here and there; we didn’t have time to do Christmas decorations!

Here are some pictures I took yesterday. My mother was complaining that I was so busy taking pictures of the whole entire world that I forgot to take some pictures of them. Well, unfortunately no, I’ll remember next time.

Deborah Lee and I

Nicole and I

With Claudia and Carmen

Janna, Nicole, and Carmen

Christmas caroling

Avril looking sneakish (if that's considered a word...)

Kids performing "Satan Bites the Dust" skit.

Jonathan Lee

Benjamin. I like this shot.

Matt and I.

I despise using the flash. But if I don't use it, the picture will appear blur in such horrible lighting. And, I also despise taking blur pictures.

Sharmein and I

Phoebe and I. =)

And yessss, I’m extremely proud to say that I deactivated my Facebook account. Oh bother, it’s become such an unwanted nuisance! Really. I prefer playing with Flickr. Hahaha. Well, we’re all different. And that’s precisely how the world fits. ;)

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