Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas At Midvalley (and Thr3e)

I went to Midvalley yesterday. Knowing that the Christmas decorations would be set up already, my mum suggested I bring the camera and we take some family photos. And so we did. And so I’m posting it here. So you can see it. Haha. :P

Unrelated to the photos, I would like to mention this lovely book I’ve finished reading. It’s entitled, simply…


Man, it’s one amazingly, thrillingly, excitingly, engrossingly, well written book. Thanks to Kedric for lending me such a brilliant book. (Although I only had less than two days to read it!) His brother was actually halfway reading it, and he didn’t know. So he lent it to me, and a few hours later, called me saying that I had to give the book back to him cause’ his brother was halfway through it.

It must have been dreadful for Acker to survive not reading Thr3e and continuing the story for TWO days. But since I’ve already read a quarter of it, I was determined to finish it (Although it would have taken me at least a week if I wanted to read it in a “relaxed” mode.) But can you believe it – I managed to finish all 404 pages in 8 hours altogether! Please, don’t take me for being boastful or anything. What’s so much to boast about that, anyway?

But really, I’m boasting that I had the privilege to read this fantastic book. It’s so badly – and I do mean BADLY – twisted; I love it. Haha, never mind, you don’t care that much about a book Janielle claims to be so deadly twisted yet lovely, do you? But I really enjoyed this book. And it’s extraordinary, cause’ I don’t enjoy just about any or every book I read! It’s something to shout about. Yeah, books. Mind me. But mind you, not everyone would enjoy such mysteriously wrought thrillers. If that’s the right way to put it.

Oh wow, I just gave you a sort of book review! But please, with NO SPOILERS. Okay, now for my next book. Let’s see what.

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