Friday, December 21, 2007

I Am Legend

Oh wow, its Thursday today! No, nothing special, really. I’m just glad I didn’t have to wake up for piano class this morning. What a bore it would be. Right now I’m staring at my dad’s laptop, writing this. I’m looking perfectly “disheveled”, as my mum puts it – I just finished with some unpleasant house chores, that’s why. Bah.


Yesterday, I went all the way to 1 Utama to catch a movie – no, not the Golden Compass.

Instead, I watched, I AM LEGEND…

I went with Zoe, Tammy, Zech, Kedric, my two tag-along sisters, and oh yes (!) Zoe’s “gym-partner”, Jeremy Chor. No, sorry, not gym partner – just kidding. I am badly embarrassed. Really. =’D So shall I give you a movie review now?

(Oh yes, why not? But please, no spoilers.)

Oh yes, of course not. I really despise spoilers.

Yesterday we wanted to watch the Golden Compass, initially. But then Kedric had already watched it, and he said it wasn’t worth watching. The main characters weren’t really dominant in the movie, and there was no proper storyline. They were just running about here and there, fighting a bit and all that. But I thought the trailer was pretty exciting, though. Anyhow, we believed Kedric’s taste for a good movie. So off we went to buy tickets for, I Am Legend.

Man, it sure was a bit shocking at first. And I’m meaning the jumping-out-of-your-seat-and-starting-to-throw-popcorn-in-the-air sort of shocking. But I like being shocked. Or rather, I like the feeling of someone beside me being shocked and jumping out of their seat and throwing popcorn in the air. It’s so, so funny! Ha ha ha. Zoeeeee! :P

But what was nice about this movie is not only the “shocking” part, but also the crying part. Yeah, if you’re the soft type of touchy-touchy person, you’re sure to cry. And please, I’m not insulting anyone here OK. My sissy sister cried when the dog died. Jirene cried, I mean. And please, I’m not insulting her. Anyone can be sissy. Really. I was laughing so hard when Tammy gasped and covered her eyes at a horrifying scene and when Jirene was having the “sniffles” after crying. Taaaammmmy! :P

Well, it wasn’t a bad movie. Not bad. But not the best either. To sum it all up, I’ll quote what Kedric said:

“If you think this sucks, the Golden Compass sucks even more.”

Hmm… Hmm?

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