Saturday, March 1, 2008

Adventures Under the Sea

Newsflash: My dad just got back from Phuket yesterday! Man, he’s so awfully tan now.

My dad went off for a dive trip on Sunday. It was his first where he had to instruct people to dive. The two Open Water Divers who were certified on the trip were Justin and Zlwin. I bet they’ll be posting pictures in their blogs very soon. =) I heard Zlwin actually asked a couple to kiss during sunset so that he can take a shot of the sun between them! Haha, how fun, I can’t wait to see ‘em all!

Yesterday, my dad showed us the videos and pictures they took on their dives. Man, I felt thrilled just watching them. I can’t wait till my turn the next time! My dad told us one of the highlights during the 5 day trip was when he spotted a huge octopus (a REALLY huge one, mind you) trying to camouflage itself by changing its skin color. I was amazed when I saw the video. It looked exactly like the coral it was imitating! What a thrill it was for my dad to have spotted it.

It’s a real amazing experience to go diving. You get to see all sorts of funny creatures, and even those that look stone-still are actually sea animals trying to camouflage themselves! And the best part is that you’ll never know when you might chance upon some rare creature – that would be most exciting. But too bad you won’t be able to shriek in excitement underwater, because all that’ll come out would be bubbles! Ha ha.

I kinda regret that I couldn’t fully enjoy my first dive experience last year. I was puking like crazy. We were on the boat, and sadly for me, being pretty much prone to sea sickness, I started throwing up until I had nothing else to puke out. xD Forgive me if I’m making you sick. Hahaha. :P But never mind that. I’ll go for it again!

Diving interests me because it opens my eyes to that other side of the world. That side of the planet where humans aren’t meant to live in; the part God allocated only for His specially-designed creatures that can breathe and live underwater. It’s amazing to discover and see for yourself that all these beautiful animals could not have existed by accident. They are so complex and unique that you can’t help but wonder how they came into being. Even in us humans, you can see that each person has a unique personality to them.

Beautiful things don’t appear out of random, I tell you. Just study Science with awareness that God created it all, and you’d be amazed. (No wonder only very few funny people enjoy studying…)

Here are some pictures a fellow dive instructor took during one of the dives.

Yeah, I posting them even though I wasn't actually there. Hahaha.

This one is beauutiful! Its a lion fish. Very chun right? :P

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