Monday, March 3, 2008

Party Crasher

Wahoo, guess what? I successfully crashed yet another slumber party last night!!! :P Muahaharr…

Yup, yesterday I invaded the Adventure Ranger Girls slumber night in the Uth House! Well, if you didn’t know, I’m actually considered “over-aged” now. Boo hoo hoo. I’m currently in the “seniors” status, or rather an Expedition ranger – which isn’t such a bad thing either la. I was really glad I got to join the girls last night with Cmdr Esther and Rosanne. Cmdr Jackie and Mei Wan couldn’t stay over, unfortunately. But it was a fun time I had.

The girls made their banners and thought of patrol songs and yells in the day time. I managed to help the Rainbow Diamonds with their song. Quite cool, ya’ know. =) Later for dinner, we feasted on Domino pizzas! Zoe gobbled down the most slices of pizza by the way – I AM A WITNESS HERE, OKAY. :P And later we went to McDonalds for supper and took some really nice shots there. The Chin family joined us, too. And oh yes, Zack, Josh, and Jon were supposedly our “bodyguards” for the night, so they stayed over at the Uth House too.

Later on, we played Cluedo and Taboo. Man, I had the most amazingly hilarious classic moments with Cmdr Esther and Rosanne when we were playing Cluedo. They sorta’ knew nuts about it, so it took them some time to “absorb” the game. Haha, which means they were SUPER BLUR. But it was rather entertaining actually. :P And it made me realize how funny I myself can appear to others when I’m in that kind of a blur state! xD

Unfortunately, Cmdr Jackie wanted us all to sleep at 1 o’clock, cause’ the “younger kiddies” needed A LOT of rest… Yeah right! =P But I still should have been allowed to continue playing Cluedo with the older fellas lar… Why was I being a good girl, hah? Hehe. And the girls SHOULD have did the Colgate thing on the peeps sleeping downstairs. Mwehehe. But hey, I guess there’s always surely a next time… *sly grin*

And now, lo and behold, I present you… THE PICTURES! ;)

Ooh, this is a cool shot. I was taking a mirror reflection shot. The bright orange wall in the Uth House makes it unique. =D

Deborah and Janna doing their Rainbow Diamonds banner.

The Jumping Jaspers patrol.

Abby doing her Cool Cat's Eye banner.

They were "up to something"... Dorothy, Abby, Hui Wei (in the blue-thingy), Shin Yiing, Sarah, and Janna.

Hey Zoe! This is specially for you. We were making fun of your famous "oh-I'm-so-full-of-myself" poses. :P

Ooh, I like this shot. Nice group photo. We were having ice cream in McD.

Oh beware, here comes the camera violaters/spammers!!!

Shaina, Esther, Zoe, and I

I absolutely love these few shots taken at the mini playland in McD! Sarah Chin looks so sweet here. =D

Too bad my camera doesn't have a big flasher that can brighten up the whole picture right to the top. So the girls up there appear kinda dark, unfortunately.

This one's nice too. =) I love the red slide!

Sarah, Shin Yiing, Deb, Sam, Hui Wei, Hannah, Gabby, and Janna.

Kids again, supposedly.

One day, Shaina and Zoe became the bestest of friends...

They ran to the playground one day and Zoe became super duper hyper.

Shaina too.

Oh and this was a shot of them running. :D Harhar.

One day, they discovered a secret hiding place...


And there they were, happily ever after.

(Yeah, what in the world??? Hey Zoe, YOU'RE supposed to be telling the story!!!)

But then, Janielle the evil villain trapped them in their secret hiding place! Muahaha... and so...

uh, and so...

*to be continued some other fine day*

Cmdr Jackie sharing devotion. (Yeah, I wonder who was fiddling with my camera...)

Josh and his cards, again. :P Ooh, but I like that his hand is "in motion" in this shot.

This was pretty cool, really.

Playing Cluedo! Unfortunately, I did not manage to catch the "classic scenes of the moment". Too busy laughing hysterically. :P

Playing Taboo...

Playin Taboo was really funny, too. Hahaha, it was fun lar... ;)

And for the last shot, featuring all the wacky Adventure Girls who were at the slumber party! =) Good one. You guys all look very merry in this shot. ;)

Yeap, that’s all I took. Wish we could have snapped more. =) Oh, but not to worry, there’s Adventure Retreat coming up next!!! And I’m going, I’m going, I’m going! =D

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