Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fireworks Don’t Last

I remember quite clearly Ps. Henry’s sermon last Sunday. He was comparing Christians to fireworks. Yeah, you must be wondering how the two totally different matters relate. Well, here’s what I recall and interpret of the message…

Sometimes, we can be like fireworks, appearing all bright and sparkly – but only for special occasions. When fireworks come on the scene, everyone gets all excited to watch them. But the light and radiance of the fireworks don’t last long. It shoots up into the air in a blast, and then disappears in a blink of an eye.

What good are we to others, if we being Christians are like fireworks, appearing to give light only when there’s a special occasion? And even so, the light lasts barely a few seconds. How can we be the light of the world when our light does not shine long enough to lead others to Jesus?

Yes, fireworks make a lot of noise and sound. Everyone can hear, but what use is it if the loud noise only lasts for a few seconds? How can those living in darkness truly experience God’s light and hear the Gospel if we are comparable to a momentary “fireworks display”?

The only way others can be lead to God is if we are like a candle that lights up the darkness with an undying glow. Though it may not cause the entire hullabaloo and noise a fireworks display makes, it will definitely last long enough to conquer darkness and lead people to the Greater Light – Jesus Christ.

It makes enough sense, doesn’t it? I thought this was a pretty good comparison and example. Think about it.

Which form of light lasts longer and is more beneficial to others?


Or an undying glow that no darkness can ever snuff out?

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