Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dinner at The Lemon

Yesterday, my family had the luxury of dining at The Lemon Garden café in Shangri-La. They were having a special offer, so the place was pretty packed, too. Man, it actually took us more than an hour to reach our food paradise because of the crazy city traffic jam. But when we finally arrived, the food awaiting us at the Lemon café was totally worth the nasty jam we had to endure for an hour!

Man, the place was the ultimate food heaven! Ooh, just the smell of all the different varieties of food combined together… My sisters and I were already squealing with delight to see all the mouth watering desserts and all the wonderfully yummy things imaginable! Haha. xD

Dining at the Lemon yesterday made me wonder, how much can a person possibly eat in just three hours??? Even I couldn’t try eating everything they had there. But I regret I didn’t stuff myself more la... Haha, well, I guess that’s how it is. When you have so much, you don’t really appreciate and savor it. But still, I’m very grateful that I got the chance to enjoy such abundance of food. Ohh, heavenly FOOD… Ahahaha. xD

Anyway, not to fear, if you can’t imagine how good it is… Good thing for you, I managed to snap some pictures yesterday! :P

Jirene had several rounds of the chocolatey delights.

The place wasn't that cozy, unfortunately. It was more of a colorful, zesty, glassy, and bright place. It was different.

I was savoring the wonderfully yummy...

CHOCOLATE PIZZA!!! (Ooh, it was totally wicked!) :P

Green-tea cheesecake and raspberry.

I bet you have no idea what she's actually eating...

It was crazee concoction. You'll find out what it is in awhile. :P Its absolutely different from the normal dessert stuff they have at buffets.

They had a lot of chocolatey stuff.

Who doesn't love chocolate mousse?

Food art. :P I love the vibrant colors in the restaurant.

Oh bummer, I spilled tomato juice on the chocolate pizza. So, it turned out to be a "work of art" for my camera. Ahaha. (If you can actually see it in my perspective...)

Yup, this is it! It was even more fascinating than the chocolate fountain! My sisters and I were squealing with excitement at this particular dessert section. We could choose whatever ice cream flavor we want and sprinkle our own toppings (Smarties, Chocolate sprinklers, Oreo's, Nuts, raisins, vanilla bits, M&M's, Gummy Bears, wafers, strawberries, chocolate squeez and everything else yummy imaginable!). Then the lady there will mash and mix and squish everything together, and voilà!

... this is the result. (Jirene actually grew a chocolate moustache after eating so much chocolate that night!) :P

Har har.

Jirene's always so full of expression lah... :)

After dinner, my sisters and I wandered off for a walk around the place. Snapped some photos.

Oh bummer, can you actually spot my specs in this shot??? Hahaha. xD

Ooh, the wonderful magic mirror.

I'm mirrored. Pretty cool eh? :)

The final shot for the night. Haha, spot the odd guy out. I like my dad's Superman tee. :P

Well overall, it was a good night. And if you were wondering what’s the occasion for the fancy extravagant dinner, well, like my parents told me and my sisters yesterday, we are celebrating CHANGE. Hmm… =)

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