Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Adventure Rangers Retreat

Man, it took me three days to finally post this! Haha. Well if you didn’t know, I actually went for an Adventure Retreat last Friday and arrived back on Sunday evening. I’ve got so much to say about this retreat! I had an awesome time, and I’ll never forget all the people whom I got to know better in this retreat. So, how shall I start?

Just a month ago, I went for the Sel #7 Outpost Camp, and when I found out about this retreat, I was worried that I won’t be able to go.
At first, I myself wasn’t too keen on going because it was all the way in Cameron Highlands, and since I’ve already spent on outpost camp, I figured my parents wouldn’t be keen on allowing me to go. But hey ho, my sister and I some how managed to sign up! And really, I have no regrets.

On Friday morning, a bunch of us Adventure girls headed for Camerons with Cmdr Peter, Cmdr Lai Kit, and Cmdr Jackie. The boys were to come later at night. But, with an exception, Josh and Jon were the only guys who got to tag along with us. Hehe. But they were fun company, anyway. =) Throughout the journey, I chatted and laughed a lot with Deborah Ting and Shaina. For once, I didn’t feel badly nauseated on the way up to Camerons! And I’m so glad for your company, Shaina. Never thought we’d “click” that well, huh? ;)

When we arrived at Chee Foo, Brinchang, we loaded our stuff in our dormitory-style rooms and went for tea at the T Café in Brinchang town. Our retreat site was pretty nice, and there was a playground where we ended up taking a lot of pictures later. My camera started to snap like crazy already. =)

At night, we played board games while laughing like hooligans and talking about all sorts of mad stuff. Ahahaha. I even recorded Sarah Chin laughing, you know. So hilarious! And later at midnight, the Adventure boys and commanders arrived.

The next morning, we had a session with Cmdr Khoo talking about the theme of the retreat: Staying Relevant. It was pretty fun and we laughed a lot in between. Later we went for a hike on one of the trails in Camerons. It was a tough hike, but all throughout, I really thank God for the awesome weather. The weather was so, so perfect! I absolutely loved it.

At night, after another session with Cmdr Jackie, Cmdr Nat and Cmdr Wei Sern led us to play WAR GAMES. Man, it was so much fun! We were separated into two groups, and I was in Kedric’s group. As you would expect, he was a real wacky leader indeed. At the final round of the game, he appeared with an unexpected costume. *sniggers* It was so hilarious! We continued playing until past midnight, and Colin’s team won.

The next day before heading back, we had testimony time and punishment for the four rascals – Kedric, Acker, Chris, and Colin – who squirted Colgate on the other boys and on the girls’ doorknob. Ahahaha!

And now, for the pictures I’ve carefully chosen to post on my blog. I do wish I could post everything, but I’ll have to limit it. Perhaps I’d continue half the pictures in my next post. Have fun scrolling down, then! ;)

At the T Cafe.
We had scones and cheesecake.

Then we started posing around the place. Haha.
Hahaha, yeah, what's up with the emo black and white shots, man.

Oh what about the other straw??? Ahahaha!

Ashley and Janna.

Nolah, they weren't really sipping anything. Just for the sake of posing for my camera. :P

Shin Yiing

Shin Yiing, Deb Gan, and Dorothy


Playing Taboo and Pictionary in our dorm at night.

Oh look at Josh's expression. Ahahaha.

Anusha and Shaina


Haha. Sweet. =)

I think this shot is cute. Hahaha.

You see, he was crumpling the paper. I forgot what happened. Haha.

Yeah, you're not supposed to be in the girls' dorm.

You spot the doofus? Hahaha. :P

Ooh, this is a cool fluke shot. Hahaha. Jon was trying to mess with our pose and he did something with the blanket by accident and this picture turned out! Freaky eh.
Playing our last game for the night, Cluedo! =)

The next morning I spotted a puddle of water at the basketball court and realized it could reflect very well. So here's where the posing started. Haha.

I purposefully inverted this picture. Pretty cool eh?

Ooh, this is the best reflection.

Argh, Jon ruined our pose again!

The superheroes and the goof in the middle. Ahahaa. :P

Games time. I like the view of this shot. I think Cmdr Nat took this shot.

Acker and Josh. Hahaha.

Cmdr Nat in Sepia. Haha.

Ooh, I likey this picture. Credits to Cmdr Esther. :) It makes me feel like jumping to touch the sky!

Tic tac toe.

Oh lookie! Richard's happened to be in the same picture as his sister! Ahahaha.

Janna, Ashley, Cmdr Jackie and Esther and Rosanne, trying the monkey bars the WRONG way. Ahaha. :P

I caught a moth!

Another posing spot. :D Hee.

Seesaw madness. Janice and Deb Ting.
Hands off

I love this shot! Good thing I spotted this. Shaina took the picture. Raquel, Me, Shin Yiing, and Sarah.

Ahahaha. I was the known poser around, really. (Me and Shaina, actually.)

The guys at the playground. I loved the sun on the last day. Hahah.

Cmdr Wei Sern being camp commander. Haha.

Punishing the hooligans who attacked the sleeping people at night. Hahaha.


Punishing the people who broke their eggs. Including me. xD
" I pledge stewardship, to THE EGG..." Something like that, we had to say. Hahah.

Anusha splattered with egg.

The guys attempting to break the egg they claim to be "unbreakable". Hahaha.

But Josh broke it in the end. He aimed it at Colin, and ended up splattering his mum's car. Hahahah.

I told you I loved the sun. It was radiant. And Shaina's hair looks great here. Haha.

I love this. Look at the hexagon shape! This wasn't edited, mind you. Yeah, I told you I loved the sun that day. Hahaha!

Janna and Ashley again.

Dorothy, Anu, Abby, Deb, Raquel, Shin Yiing, and Janice eating strawberry popsicles.
Not mine, unfortunately. Hahha.

Ahahaha, I was imitating what Kedric did earlier. :P

A strawberry. Ooh, I love this!

Well that's all for today. But that's not ALL the pictures. I have some more. But I'll post the really nice nature shots on Flickr. Man, I’m so glad that I managed to snap so many awesome shots! In conclusion, I'd like to say, I really thank God for the chance to see the fun and wacky side of everyone during this retreat. I really, really had fun. =)

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