Friday, March 14, 2008


You wonder who I’m talking about...

Well, it’s none other than Miss Zoe-licious! (Haha, at least that’s how I addressed her in the card.) :P Zoe Lim turned FOURTEEN at 10 something o’ clock on the 12th of March 2008, yesterday. And I can’t believe she actually counted till her exact birth time! Hahaha, how peculiar…

Anyway, a bunch of us went to TGIF yesterday for lunch to celebrate her birthday. The only people I was familiar with who were there were Shaina, Tammy, Josh and Jon (haha, I somehow must link them together), and oh yes! MICHELLE YEOH. I haven’t seen her since nearly a year ago. So yeah, it was good meeting her again. =) And the rest who came for the lunch - whom I later took the trouble to remembering their names (haha, kidding) - were Zoe’s school chums. It was fun meeting them, too.

AND GUESS WHAT? Halfway through, Jon actually asked me, Hey, are you the oldest here? I looked around the table and asked if everyone there were fourteen year-olds, and hey-ho, I found out that I really was the only “about-to-turn-15” kid there! Haha. How very amusing. xD

Anyway, I managed to take a load of pictures again. So I shan’t write too much. The pictures will take up the space. =)

Can't see the girls' faces unfortunately. Except for Zoe and Tammy. And the guys, starting from the one in glasses: I-forgot-who (eheh), Ren Chii (the one with the unique name), and Jeshua (hmm, sounds unique also, right.)

Our all-famous la-la IMITATION poses.

The heavenly version of the real mud pie.

Teehee. I like this one. Haha, credits to Josh. :P
Looks as if Jon finished his burger in less than 5 bites, man.

Jon made friends with the waiter. Hahaha. If you were wondering, the waiter was also another card trick fanatic, that's why. :P

Zoe up on the chair preparing for her speech. (In a skirt...) Hahaha. xD

Pull the candle out with your mouth larr... Hehe.

A case of having to eat too much cheesecake.

The three goofs. Nolah, excluding the one in the middle, of course. :P

Esther and Zoe

A nice, decent shot. The girls from left: Michelle, Amanda, Zoe, Shaina, Me, Andrea, and Esther.
Ooh, look at Esther!

Yeah, you know us. (Only one decent picture we took. Har har.)

Yeah, America's top models. Gah.
I did not take this... You can spot me inside. Haha. And Michelle, too.

Haha, look at Tammy!

Gosh, I think Jeshua looks so young. I thought he was 12 at first. But then he proved to be less innocent la... :P
Oh wow, he DID manage to appear taller in this shot... Hehe.

Oh, Josiah's in this shot.

Esther and me

Wrong timing, Josiah, wrong timing.
Group picture. There were a few others who came earlier and left earlier. So yeah, this was the bunch who stayed on later.

Zoe opening my present. Oh, no, I meant, she was opening the present I gave her. Hahah.

Tammy and I. Haha, poser much? At the dressing room in Pull and Bear (yeah, heard of it before?)

I like the white lights at the side.

Ooh, look at Amanda's hair. Haha. Credits to Jeshua for the next few pictures.

Yeah, look at the girl on the right end. :P She like very emo la, suddenly. Hahaha.

And finally... Happy Birthday, dear Zoe! Psst, yesss, she’s only FOURTEEN! (Haha, this is definitely the picture of the day) ;)

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