Monday, March 10, 2008

When I Was Three…

Well, I don’t remember much of my life when I was three years old… Do you?

Just now as I was ruffling through some ancient-old pictures of me and my sisters when we were young kids, I couldn’t help but laugh in amusement. I bet you already know the odd feeling of looking at pictures of the younger version of yourself. And you’re sure wonder, Gee whiz, how much have I changed?

I thankfully say that all by the grace of God, I have successfully lived out 15 years of my life! Hurrah, oh what an accomplishment! And so here I am now. But hey, when I was only three years old, I really didn’t have a clue that I’d live to arrive at year 2008, you know. And besides, I couldn’t even count yet lah. Haha, it’s a funny feeling, really.

When I was around 8 years old, I remember myself being very grateful to God that I was considered as “still a kid”. I recall there was one point in my young life when I told myself, “Gosh, I’m soo glad I’m still a kid! Thank you God so much that I don’t have to go to work everyday like Daddy and Mummy. Good thing I’m only eight years old now. Plenty of time to enjoy life! It’ll take ages more before I grow up...” Seriously, I do remember myself saying that. xD I felt as young as ever!

There was also an incident when I remember myself asking my dad, “Oh so by the time I learn how to drive, people would have invented flying cars on the streets already right?” But I have lived to this point to realize that I am sadly mistaken. Good grief, I’m already turning a big, big 15 this year man. And hellooo, I still don’t see any flying cars around yet, mind you!

So right now, I feel that reality just seems all too close… It’ll be less than five years till I can actually get a driver’s license, you know. So it’s kinda’ disappointing to think that nearly 7 years ago, I thought by the time I actually turn 18, I’d be zooming around in a stylish and sleek flying vehicle already! Oh well, I still believe the day will come. But for now, life goes on.

And look what have we got here! Well, well, well, now can someone guess who’s this sweet lil’ chubby kiddo?

Why, it’s none other than the younger version of three year old Janielle Beh! How amusing. :P

Pop goes the cherry, and life goes on. =)

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