Friday, May 9, 2008

Monday’s A Funday

On Monday my family went to Pavilion again after our afternoon swim. If you were wondering, we usually go out on Mondays cause’ on weekends we’re busy with other stuff going on. Its always fun on Mondays cause’ we go swimming and then we’ll go out somewhere for dinner after that, and later on I’ll always end up in some bookstore like Borders, or Times, or MPH. Hahaha. xD (Can’t help being a bookworm, you know. It’s just part of me. :P)

Mondays are usually fun. So therefore, I declare Monday a Funday! Uh, pun intended? (To be honest, I don’t really understand what a “pun” is. It’s supposed to be a humorous play of words, I think.) Haha anyway, it was “jest for the pun of it” – got it the joke? Hahaha, it was from The Complete Pun Book, found on my dad’s bookshelf. xD Okay, never mind, you probably didn’t get the whole “pun” thing. And I’m going off topic again. :P

Haha, actually, I should have posted this yesterday. But I got kinda’ sidetracked to write about the electricity incident and the light story (in the previous post). Hehe. So yeah, now I’ll just post the few pictures we snapped on Monday. =)
I like this shot. The first two birds are flyin' in the same position. Unfortunately, the sky was "white". Haha.

Birds in motion.

We went to Pavilion and had octupus' eyeballs for dinner!
Haha, kidding. This is just a shot of a huuuuge Garoupa's eye. Pretty neat, eh?

Too bad it doesn't look as huge in the picture.

Lobsters. (We actually went to Li Jin Chinese Fusion Cuisine restaurant in Pavilion. But we didn't try the seafood there la, just went for the Peking Duck.)


The waiter slicing the duck skin for us.

Chopsticks in action! I purposefully asked everyone to stick out their chopsticks to make this picture more "lively". Hahah.

Jirene and my mom.

The Peking duck skin rolled up in thin pancakes. Mmm, reminds me of the time we had it in Bei Jing. But that was more fun since we sliced and rolled up the duck skin ourselves.


Jirene up to her mischief. :P

Ooh, I like this shot! Spot the doofus between the chopsticks??? Hahaha. (Jirene's actually standing right beside me now, threatening me not to post this. :P)

An artistic effort. In other words, an effort to make the food look more "artistic" for the camera. Haha.

Haha, spot the four stooges at the other end?

Janna and I stopping over at Baskin' Robbins.

You know, I just realized we’re missing something here…


Hahaha. :P

Well, that’s all for pictures. Have a fabulous weekend then! ;)

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