Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother’s Day

Today’s supposedly “Mother’s Day”.

This Mother's day was the first time ever that my sisters and I decided to combine forces to do something together for our mom. Before this, we used to do separate cards and stuff. I don’t know if you usually combine with your siblings to do something big for your mom on Mother’s Day, but yeah, for me, I somehow never thought of doing it together. Funny. xD Anyway, I discovered that working together with my sisters resulted in less work done – and more fun! Haha.

We did a simple card together and I thought up the idea of making up a song to present to my mom. It was kinda’ last minute, but anyway, my sisters and I managed to think-up the simple lyrics together, and I put in the music. Pretty catchy’, it was. We’ve never done it before. So I was pretty surprised that together, we managed to compose something presentable enough!

Here’s how the lyrics go:

Thank you for caring for us,
From the day we were born

Thank you for raising us up
The way God meant us to be

Thank you for the sacrifices you made,
Through all this years

And we’re so ever thankful to God for you!

We are blessed, so blessed
For a mother like you

Though you always nag and nag
We know its all for our good

So on this fine morning, we just wanna’ say…
Happy Blessed Mother’s Day!

Yup, pretty much simple, but good enough. =) And did you know, my sisters actually spent quite some time practicing it. Each time I had to tell them to “sing softer, sing softer, or else everyone will hear it!” And I was quite amazed that they even thought up some dance moves. Haha, super funny. But I wouldn’t dance with them in a million years; I’m contented playing the piano… Hahaha. xD

Anyway, I bet my mom will be reading this soon. So once again, Happy Mother’s Day, mom! Much love from your three girls – yes, sweet girls we are, and at the same time, oh what exasperating hooligans we can be! (If that’s the right word…) :P Teehee.

God bless. =)

Haha, just thought of posting this for fun. A fine macro shot, it is. =)

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