Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Janna’s 12th Birthday

Yesterday, my family went to The Carat Club in Pavilion to celebrate Janna’s twelfth birthday. Her actual birthday falls on the 17th of May, but since our weekend is already occupied, so we chose to go out on Monday instead.

After the lunch at Carat Club, we went for a swim, and later at night we last minute managed to get tickets to watch Iron Man. Finally! Haha. Iron Man was pretty cool. Felt a teeny bit like Transformers, but it wasn’t as great, I thought. =)

Talking about Janna’s 12th birthday, come to think of it, I can’t remember at all how I celebrated my 12th birthday! I really can’t recall at all. Haha. xD Oh well, that time didn’t have my dad’s coolio camera, so yeah, can’t really remember since we didn’t take as many pictures. Haha, sad. Anyway, you must be expecting less talk and more pictures already. :P

So here’s how it went…

The birthday girl.

Dad, Jirene, and Janna

My dad took some candid shots. Jirene was telling me not to post the candid ones since we look so goofy in them. Hey-ho, I agree with her! Hahaha. :P

It's fascinating how spoons can make everything so "roundy", and it can even make you appear upside down! Funny.

Looks pretty comfy eh?

The Salad.

Oh, the horrible Salad! I didn't like it. I don't look as if I'm enjoying it in this shot, do I? I look kinda' sheepish. Hahaha.

My mom, seemingly enjoying the Salad.

You know, I think only mothers will ever enjoy such salads.

I accidentally took one bite of olive, and spitted it out (no wonder I looked sheepish in the previous shot :P), when my mom exclaimed something like,

"What a waste! You should have given it to me if you didn't want it. Olives are good."

My dad's "Duck Comfit". Whatever that means. Hahaha. xD

Butterfish fingers and wedges.

Jirene's meal.

Oh oh oh, and this was the best! Spaghetti carbonara with beef bacon, asparagus, and mushrooms. It was suuuuper creamy and cheesy. I couldn't finish it.

Hey-ho, there's always room for a pose or two - on Janielle Beh's blog! xD

Yes, that blue-rimmed glasses belongs to me. I only take them off when I take pictures! Haha.


Look at the fabulous gold-sequined pillows!

A jewelery pouch for the birthday girl from the Carat Club.

The yellow flower in focus. Janna in the "background". Haha.

Ooh, I like this one. I found a fluttering butterfly when we went for a swim. The reason why this shot is blue tinged", is because I switched the camera mode to Tungsten. Suits it pretty well.

The butterfly flew away and landed on a wall. I was straining my neck to snap it! Haha.

Side view.

The butterfly only held this "wings-spread-out" pose for barely three seconds! But I was so happy it was just enough for me to snap this!
Fluttering wings. How beautiful!

This last perfect picture ends this post. =)

Happy Birthday, Janna! ;)

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