Friday, May 16, 2008

Depend On God

As I was in piano class today, I heard someone playing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” in the next room. At that moment, I found myself reminiscing to my very first piano lesson, where I also learned how to play that simple song. Surprisingly, I can still vividly remember that first lesson.

I started piano lessons at the age of seven. I remember myself flipping through the piano book in excitement on my first lesson, wondering how and when I would actually be able to play all the difficult songs at the end of the book! And then I thought, my gosh, I still have a very long way to go!

You bet I was right from the start – it was a long way to go…

I remember the times when I got so fed up of practicing that I started to whimper and whine at the piano and even bang at the keys in impatience. My mother would be yelling at me to stop throwing a fit at the piano. (Good grief, you have no idea how serious a case of noise pollution it can be!) In annoyance, my mother would shout, “If you’re so impatient to practice, stop playing altogether! I’ll stop your piano lessons!” In my heart, I was wishing that she’ll really relieve me of it. But I wished in vain, for my parents will never allow me to quit so easily.

Having come thus far, I now really am grateful that my parents did not give up on me by allowing me to quit. Instead, they encouraged me to practice and practice till I can play every song to perfection. Hard as it may be, there’s really no short cut. I learn that if you stick to something and draw your strength and will from God, nothing is to stop you from excelling.

My parents have always reminded me to ask God for the wisdom to excel in playing the piano. But that doesn’t mean I should just sit back and wait for God to zap me and turn me into some piano prodigy. I still have to work on it. But if you recognize that God is the Giver of good gifts, of all talents and giftings, you will remember to draw your strength and will from God and no one else, not even yourself.


Depend on yourself, and you will find only failure and disappointment.

Depend on God, and He will never ever fail you!

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