Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby-sitting Blues (Haha, kidding!)

Whoopee, I am now at my Aunty May’s house with my sisters. We’re staying over for the weekend because my parents are off for a Young Adults Retreat in Port Dickson.

Here’s a quick update of today:

First off, it’s Janna’s Birthday today! Yesterday night, me, Jirene, and our two cousins Jonathan and Benjamin, did some real goofy stuff to entertain the birthday girl and “fulfill” her “birthday wishes”. It was past midnight, and even though I was hanging out with bunch goofy kids, I found that I could be pretty fun and crazy around them too! Ahahaha. :P

This morning, we woke up super early to go for the Sports Fiesta. But before that, my cousins actually dared ME to turn on the Playstation so we could play before their parents wake up! And hey-ho, at seven thirty in the morning, we were busy jamming at the controls in front of the TV. Ahaha, I told you, we’re a bunch of goofy kids. xD

Later at nine o’ clock, we arrived at the 3K Stadium for the Sports Fiesta. This year’s Sports Fiesta (organized by the Grace Resource home-schooling Center) was pretty much like last year’s. The weather was thankfully a teeny bit more pleasant this time. For two hours, I was helping the rangers – who were in charge of organizing the game stalls for the fiesta. I had fun doing it. Haha. Overall, it was pretty okay.

And right now, I’m back at my aunt’s house with 6 hooligan kids – Jirene, Janna, Jon, Ben, Ivan, and Avril – to “baby-sit” while the adults are out for dinner. Fortunately, I’m not left at home at the mercy of these kids la. They’re a good bunch. :P So now I’m the “boss in the house”. Hehe.

We were just having pizza for dinner, to celebrate Janna’s birthday. And now, while I’ve got my eyes glued to the laptop (is that counted as “baby-sitting”??? :P), my cousins are on their computer, and my sisters are playing Spongebob Square Pants on the Playstation. Hahaha, I told you, we’re a goofy bunch.

Oh whoopee, I’ve also tried something new today! I managed to learn a few chords on my cousin’s guitar! Haha, I really wanted learn guitar as well – at least the overall basics. It’s good. So there’s a sort of “agreement” between me and Jon now. He’ll teach me to play the guitar, I’ll in turn teach him to play the violin! Haha, pretty cool eh? :P

Oh, okie dokes, I’ve gotta’ stop here already. Now it’s my turn to jam at the controls. xD

So till the next post, have a splendid weekend y’all! ;)

Jonathan whipping up a tune with his guitar. This shot is totally nice in black and white! Love it.

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