Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brenda’s Sweet Sixteen

Yesterday was Brenda Cher’s sixteenth birthday! I was invited to her pool party at Sherlyn’s place. Nearly everyone at the party were homeschoolers from the PJ GRC. So yeah, I got to meet a few of the new and former students from the home-school center.

As I mentioned earlier, it was supposedly a “pool party”, so nearly half of everyone got dunked into the pool by the two well-known rascals: Wee Yen and Jon Roberts. :P But I and a few others were saved, thankfully. Ahahaha. At least I had my camera by my side as a deterrent, and Grace Kam had her handbag full of handphones, so nobody dared touch us. Ehehe.

While nearly everyone was busy splashing in the pool, I was very thankful that I had Dawn and Grace for good company. Haha. =D And I think it was the first time I got to talk to Dawn for so long. We were probably standing near the pool area for about an hour! Haha. And in the conversation, I found out that her brother is actually younger than she is… xD Okay, I really didn’t know. Dawn looks much younger and innocent. :P

You know, I actually can’t remember when was the first time I met Brenda. But it was definitely at GRC. Haha, anyway, I seldom see her nowadays, ever since my schooling days in GRC – about 3 years ago? But still, it was nice of her to remember me and invite me for her sixteenth birthday bash. =)

Okay, enough of talk now. I snapped some pictures yesterday. Not many, cause’ the place wasn’t very brightly lit after dark, so yeah.

Before it went dark, I took some pictures with Sarah Ti and Shabeta. =)

Sherlyn, Me, Sarah, and Shab

Brenda and I

Joyce Kam was there too!

Peeps at the seesaw: Hazel (chazel?), Shab, Jon, and Wee Yen

Brenda, Dawn, and I (Oh, and you probably didn't notice the topless fella at the left side of the picture -- Jonathan Ti. Ahaha.)

Light a candle. Haha, Gracie Goh wanted me to take this shot.

Brenda and her cake. (With Dawn and Paul Mae ruining the picture -- haha, kidding! :P)

Oh, and by the way, I found out that this cake was made specially by Miss Shabeta! =) Sweet.

Us -- the GRC kids.

My gosh, one would look at this picture and wonder what's up with Dawn and Abigail! Ahahaha. :P

That's all for the party pictures. Nice meeting you guys. =)

Happy Birthday, Brenda! ;)

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