Sunday, May 25, 2008

Speak Up!

Whoopee, after 5 days of inactivity, I’m back. =) If you were wondering why I didn’t update, well… I guess I should admit that I was grounded from going online again! Haha, oh well, that’s how it is – occasional disruptions in Janielle’s blogging realm.

Anyway, I shall update about my whereabouts on Friday.

Friday afternoon, I followed Tania to a public speaking club she’s been telling me about. I followed her for a visit, since it sounded pretty interesting. Tania’s been joining the club for the past 5 years already. And by the way, it was more of like a homeschoolers’ sorta’ thing. So yeah, I met other homeschoolers from different places. Sarah Chin and Brian Tan were some of the people I knew who were active in the group.

The meeting was held at Subang Gospel Church (if I got that right), and there were about 30 people present on Friday. I was interested to go cause’ Tania was telling me that they were having a special meeting and it’ll be more fun. I found out that they were going to do a “mock trial”. There was a judge, two groups of both the defendant party and the prosecution party, and also a handful of “witnesses” to complete the whole “mock” trial.

The case was centered in the realm of “Wonderland”. Here’s a rough story that brought about the “trial”:

The prosecutors were accusing Mr. Gingerbread Man of pushing Mr. Humpty Dumpty off the wall, which resulted in the egg’s unfortunate death. There were a handful of witnesses – Alice Lindell, Inspector Goon, the Blind Gardener, Professor Frankenstein – who testified against the Gingerbread Man. There was also the audience, who were counted in as the jury in the case.

I found it pretty funny. It was also a very interesting way to encourage the students to “speak up” when they have to bombard the other party with “evidences” by arguments and questions. All of them were really good. And their English was perfectly on the dot! I was impressed. I think I’ll be joining them again. =)

So once again, I managed to snap a handful of pictures. Here it goes…

The table on the left is the defence party and the table with Jared Lok making his statement is the prosecution party. Man, Jared was reaaally good at it. He was confident and his questions and speeches were solid and marked with the right emphases.

Tania witnessing as Alice Lindell. Hmm, I thought Alice had blond hair and fair skin and a blue dress??? :P

Tania was calm and steady throughout the whole impromptu "questioning".

Keagan on the defence team.

Kevin Tan as Inspector Goon.

I thought this was the best part. Eshan being the surprise witness - a blind gardener!

I met two new peeps: the girl in the middle (ARGH, I feel so bad to admit this, but I actually forgot her name... oh, bummer!), and her cousin, Jian Lin.

And I met Sarah, too.

Yeap, that was only a handful. I’ll snap some more the next time.

On a random note:

I so wanna’ watch Indiana Jones this week! I’m expecting it’ll be better than good. Victoria told me that Steven Spielberg manage to make Indiana Jones “phenomenal” in this movie. Hmm, now that’s a pretty big word… I like it. :P

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