Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Snippet of Our 2nd Day in Phuket

Woohoo, I’m surfing the net in Lawan Residence now – free internet! :D We’d be staying in this hotel for the next four days. Splendid place; so convenient. All seven of us – My dad and I, Hwai Ta and Sherrene, Natalie, Jackie, and Andrew – just got back from a stroll from our hotel to Bangla Road. That’s where all the happening night life is. But of course, we’re all nice decent kiddoes, so we’re back early to rest so tomorrow we’d be ready for our second day’s diving trip! :P

Yesterday we arrived Phuket at 5.30 pm (Thailand time – it’s one hour earlier than Malaysian time) and after checking into the hotel, we went off for dinner at the Number 1 Seafood restaurant. After that, Hwai Ta, Sherrene, Jackie, and my dad had to go back to the hotel so the 3 of them can sit for their test. Haha, I told you, I didn’t need to stress since I did mine the day before! :P So Natalie, Andrew and I walked a huge square from Bangla road right to the end and took one big round back to our hotel. Man, we were knocked out after that!

The next day, the Eden Divers operator picked us up at 7.30 am and we headed to Chalong Bay jeti and boarded the Phuket Fantasea, our beautiful 3 tier live-aboard boat. I made sure I took my “anti-vomiting” pills, and thank God, IT WORKED!!! The weather today was splendid; blue sunny skies and fluffy clouds. The sea was super blue and there were no strong currents or choppy waves. It was extraordinarily splendid for diving! The visibility underwater was about 30 metres far! Awesome. I was really praying hard that the weather would be perfect, and thank God so much that it did turn out perfect.

We cruised in the boat for about 2 hours to finally arrive at our dive spot, Racha Noi (Small Island). Man, I feel like screaming in excitement again! The water was so clear and blue – like azure and turquoise-colored blue! There were about 30 divers in the boat, it was a big boat. But thank God that all the divers were well organized, so it wasn’t as “havoc-ing” as we expected. There were 5 of us diving – Sherrene and I were buddies, so we stuck close to each other; Hwai Ta and Jackie too.

On our first dive, we were all so thrilled that none of us paid attention to our dear instructor – my dad! Although he tried so hard to get our attention (sorry, you can’t speak underwater!) by waving hands and hand signals. xD And we were all rather “unstable”; all taking turns to float up and sink down. Hahaha, thinking back, I can imagine that we must have seemed very much like a bunch of goofy noob divers. But that’s fine la, first time ma, give chance la. (Talking about our Malaysian “la’s”, I never thought that it’d be so obvious! Many of the thai peeps we met could judge by our Malaysian slang that we were either from S’pore or M’sia. Haha.)

The second dive after lunch was much better. All of us were pretty much satisfied with ourselves. And we saw quite a few beautiful fishies among the corals. It’s just AMAZING! I love it. I remember that a few times I actually got so excited, I started squealing to myself through the air regulator , “Man, I love this!” (Mind you, I was trying to talk underwater) Haha. x) After the second dive, the 2 hours back to the jeti was spent lazing up on the top tier of the boat. What a wonderful place to relax and just SLEEP with the sea wind blowing, never-stopping, against your face. And hear the waves splashing as the boat cruises along.

On the Eden Divers truck, on the way to Chalong Bay jeti.

Sherrene and I on the bow of the boat. Hwai Ta and Sher should have done the "Titanic pose" there laaa! :P

Enjoying the breeze at the top tier.

Having lunch after our first dive.

My dad and I, Sherrene, Hwai Ta, and Jackie. Just hopped of the boat, waving at Natalie with the camera before descending. Look at the BLUE! Splendid, I tell you!

Sherrene, me in the middle, and my dad.

You know, I’d like to tell you somethin’ pretty freaky…

As I was sitting alone up on the 3rd deck of the boat, with the wind against my face, I suddenly heard a soft “humming” in my right ear. It felt like the wind. But I could make out a tune. No one was with me. But I could hear someone, something, humming softly. It was probably the wind. Somehow. I don’t know how. But it was kinda’ freakish for the few seconds. After awhile, it faded away… Haha, freaky.

Okie dokes, I’ve gotta’ go to bed already. Tomorrow’s another long day! Off to Phi Phi Island. Pictures coming up soon. :D

God blesscha'!

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