Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And… She’s Off!

Oh yippee yay! Guess what? I’m going off to Phuket on Thursday!

Yeap, Thursday – meaning, tomorrow!

I can’t believe I’m going off tomorrow already! Haha. :D This time my mum and sisters wouldn’t be coming along cause’ it’s gonna’ be a dive trip. So yeah, only my dad and I are off for a five day holiday. =D Plus of course, Hwai Ta and Sherrene, Jackie, Natalie, and Andrew. Yup, so I’d be the youngest around. Teehee. :)

And boy am I glad that I passed my final theory dive test yesterday! Haha, I passed by eight over fifty. Phew. No sorry, I meant, I had only eight wrongs over fifty questions. xD Good thing my dad managed to revise with me yesterday and help me get this final test done over with. Otherwise on Thursday night in Phuket I’d have to stress together-gether with Hwai Ta, Sherrene, and Jackie to take the test! :P Ahaha.

We’d be staying in a totally different place this time. My last trip to Phuket was nearly a year ago, and that time my family was staying in Kamala Beach. This time, we’re staying right smack in Patong Beach. It’s where all the hubbub and night life is, whereas Kamala Beach is farther away from the city with not much of anywhere to go at night. So yeah, it’d be fun. :)

Hopefully everything goes well for the dive. My dad was just telling me that I might not be joining them for all six dives, maybe only four. Then on the third day I can join Natalie and Andrew for snorkeling. =)

So my blog will be stagnant again for the next 6 days! Haha, never mind, that is UNTIL I get back… :P

Oh and by the way, I have just recorded a recital of an excerpt from Jay Chou’s “The Secret”. I’ve been playing it over and over again, and this video sounds like the “perfect-est” one, for now. Haha, wait till I get back, I’ll be posting the Flight of the Bumblebee recital soon! ;)

A Recital of Jay Chou’s “The Secret” By Janielle Beh

So, does sound it perfect enough??? =D

Man, I can’t wait to start snapping pictures when I arrive in Phuket! So till I get back, turrahs for now! ;)

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