Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father’s Day Dinner

Whoopee, the legendary Janielle is back after a week of inactivity! Haha, I bet you’ve already guessed the reason this time. :P So I shall solemnly admit…

I was grounded again! (Can you believe it?!!) Haha. Yeah, it’s true, and all because I “over-chatted” on the phone! Haha, I bet you’re curious already. Well okay, lemme’ spill it anyway…

I was in actual fact talking to Joyce Shamini! Hah, so she’s guilty, too! :P

Anyway, no worries, I’m baaaccck. :D Been so impatient to write already. I’ve quite alotta’ stuff accumulated during the week that I’d like to talk about, but I think I’ll just post the recent-est, eh?

Yesterday my family brought our grandparents out for dinner at the Sun & Surf restaurant in the Sunway Hotel. It was something different for my grandparents since we usually go for Chinese, sit-around-the-round-table dinners. So for a change, my dad decided that we go out on a buffet dinner this time. And it was a good choice indeed. :P

Oh, and by the way, it was for Father’s Day! Haha. So before anything else, here’s a somethin’ about my dad. =)

My dad’s the awesomest guy around! He’s fun and funny and serious all at the right times. He’s given me so many opportunities to live my life with purpose and fun at the same time – experiencing new things, meeting different people and going places. I’m always inspired by his witty quotes and coolness in just about everything. Really. To me, Janna, and Jirene, he’s our super-dad! ;)

So for now, as you are expecting… I present you, the pictures for the day! =) Here goes…

My parents and grandparents. =)

Janna and Jirene getting their foooood.

Whoopee, there's a chocolate fountain!

Dessert. (The cakes weren't especially impressive, though. In simpler words, it was not-so-yummy.)

Mussels, oysters, and cold prawns.

Sweet. :)

Here's the section where they serve all the weird-tasting food. I tried stingray with some sourish coconut sauce!

Haha, this is super fake. Who eats like that anyway?? :P

(By the way, there's something wrong with this shot. Why is there some goofy red dolphin painting behind me??! Sunway should have better taste in choosing classier wallpapers! Ahahaha.)

Halfway through dinner, we went out to the garden for a stroll (partly to digest the first course food. xD)

Janna and Jirene posing during sunset.

The sky was really beautiful at that time!

The background doesn't look real, right? Haha, I had the flash on, that's why.

The three of us with our grandma.

Then after our second round, my sisters and I went to snap some shots at the pool area.

Ooh, look at the water. Lovely ripples.

Care for a dip?

Yeah, you wonder what those two monkeys are up to.


A super blur shot, thanks to Jirene. But I posted it because after looking at it for a while, I realized that this looks pretty cool and artistically blur! Ahahaa.

Janna has pretty good framing here when she snapped this.

Jirene and I.

Two smudgy figures in the dark. And oh, look at the moon! (Too bad this has to be blur, cause' it was way too dark for the manual setting to work anyway.)

Guess whatsit?

At the bridge. (You wonder what bridge. Well, it doesn't matter.)

And after all the flashing at the poolside, we went back for dessert at the chocolate fountain!

The food I ate the most throughout the dinner was STRAWBERRIES! Haha. See that whole bowl there? It's full of super-huge strawberries!

Dip it in.

Drip the chocolate.


Hahaha, don't worry, I so do not tilt my head like that for the camera. Usually. You know Dawn Yang? I came across her blog the other day, and I noticed in nearly all her pictures, she tilts her head to the right side! (Like alot.) Hahaha, and so, I found it funny to imitate it. :P

Jirene and her new found phone. Yeah, can you believe it, my puny sista' has a cell phone now!!!!

Cheers. You notice that my glass is actually empty. xD Pfft. The service was pretty poor, surprisingly. It took the waitress ages to get us a cup of coffee!

The double-mirror effect.

The three goofs were admiring the half-nude statue! Ahahahaha.

All together.

Daddy and his three princesses. :P Har dee har!

Happy Father's Day!

So till the next post, have an greaaat day. ;)

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