Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Splash: A Washout!

Yesterday I witnessed a most "memorable" gathering of an assembly of 100 percent-absolute typically-Malaysian hooligans!

Read on to find out what’s the buzz about.

Yesterday’s Summer Splash outing in Sunway Lagoon was a washout! After jamming for nearly an hour to Sunway, I finally met up with Shannon, Sarah Pang, Alvan, Jian Quin, Jian Quin’s brother, and Jian Quin’s brother’s friend (got it?). It was around 2 o’ clock, and the place was swarming with people, people, and more people!

The six of them had arrived Sunway at around 10 o’ clock. They tried entering the Lagoon, but found that it was already jam-packed. Some were even desperate enough to scramble over fences and to get in. There was no crowd control. The good-for-nothing Roxy organizers handed out too many free tickets! And since yesterday was both a public and school holiday, everyone swarmed to Sunway for the event.

See what I mean? No wonder it was impossible to get in!

This was our view from the car-park verandah.

Yeah, you "get the picture". So it turned out to be a good thing we weren't that desperate to get in anyway.

I was laughing when Shannon told me sarcastically, “See the future leaders of Malaysia. They were all pushing and pushing!” The crowd generally comprised of unruly, typical Malaysians all pushing, shouting, and shoveling. Many were smoking, and some showing the middle finger and throwing bottles at the guards. We witnessed all the havoc from the car-park verandah. I noticed when one person starts shouting, the whole crowd will follow and start to shout and push.

I was totally disgusted. So much for Summer Splash.

Finally, after some time, we decided to go to 1U instead! Alvan, our sporting driver-for-the-day, took a wrong turn and brought us all back to Klang. Hahaha. Jian Quin was contemplating going to Aeon. Thank goodness Shannon, our expert “back-seat driver”, finally directed Alvan to 1U. :P We arrived at around four something. Too bad it was too late to buy tickets for Kung Fu Panda. (I must watch it soon!) I stayed for about two hours with them until my dad picked me up at around 6.

Man, what a day to go out! Lesson learned: Never ever EVER go out to some stupid event like this ever again, where it is filled with many hooligans. (Quote, Shannon Keng.) :P

So if you are thinking of going for the next Summer Splash, think again. You don’t wanna’ spend your day squashing with a bunch of hooligans from Mars – no, I meant, Malaysia. Har-dee-har. Har. ;P

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