Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dad’s Birthday

On Monday, my family celebrated my dad’s birthday at The Carat Club in Pavilion. His birthday was actually the week before on the 25th of June. So once again, as always, we decided to celebrate it on a Monday.

Haha, it’s a funny thing. All five of our birthdays happen to be in perfect order from May to September. Janna’s always the first since her birthday’s in May. And my dad’s is in June. The following month we’ll be celebrating Jirene’s birthday. (Oh wait, no, I mean this month we’ll be celebrating Jirene’s birthday. I keep forgetting that it’s July already!)

So anyway, here are the pictures we took at the Carat Club…

Family shot in front of Carat Club.

The dishes we had. Man, I don't understand why they made the menu so complicated. Use all the weird French terms -- the Linguinni "Amatricianna" actually turned out to be pasta! Ahahaha.

Janna meddling with the butter, vinegar, and olive oil dip.

It's surprisingly very nice if you dip it with bread.

My dad's grilled peppered sirloin.

My grilled lamb shoulder with minted ratatouille.

Jirene's dish has got the longest name and descriptions on the menu, but it turned out to be the simplest. Haha. Pasta with bacon and ratatouille I think.


Oohlala. Out of all the dishes, this one looked the finest. Haha. My mum's Pan seared salmon Rossini with Foie Gras.

This time, my sisters and I managed to check out the place better. We took some nice shots at this white spiral stairs.

Oh oh oh, and this was the fabulously impressive washroom! It looks as if there are three sinks and mirrors, but its actually just an individual washroom with mirrors on all four sides. So all those are just reflections.

Reflections. What makes this washroom the coolest is its mirrors! And mind you, they're not just ordinary mirrors...

The four sides are actually mirrored top to bottom with BLACK MIRRORS! I don't know what you call them, but the mirrors were like "tinted" or something. Really cool. Haha. :D

Then we went outside to the veranda overlooking Bukit Bintang street to take some shots.

Then came our delightful desserts!

My orange and raspberry drizzled crepes complete with a dollop of ice cream. It was super sweeeet.

Jirene looking mesmerized with her chocolate pistachio ice cream and almond praline.

Then we had hot chocolate and mocha served with cookies.


Then my dad decided to do something very goofy...

Whoop de doo, and he did it! :P Though too bad I didn't manage to snap him with his feet touching together in midair... Ahaha.

Janna had a go at it too.

Though I think she didn't get the point of the whole "stunt"...

But hey ho, Jirene did! :P
By golly, Jirene looks kinda' cute here... :'D

Happy Blessed Birthday once again, Dad! You the man. You're the awesomest! ;)

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