Saturday, July 5, 2008

Time Waits For No Man

Oh bummer, time flies too fast. It has come to my realization that it’s July already and I’ve entered into the second half of year 2008!

I discover that time flies by quicker the older you get. When I was younger, I used to think that one week is so long. I’d go through school each day thinking, when is it finally going to be a Saturday?! But now at 15, I feel that the days and weeks are not long enough!

I can’t believe that I have just crossed over the first half of year 2008 into the second half. January to June has whizzed by just like that. I’ve got six more months to make my fifteenth year on planet earth memorable. What have I accomplished in the first half of the year? Am I going to continue in the same state for the next six months? Have I been spending my time wisely on the right things in life?

Goodness, I only have six more months for year 2008! All of a sudden, twelve months suddenly feels too short to be counted as a “year”. When I was younger, I used to look at my school calendar and think, One year is so long! How many more days and weeks do I have to live through before school is over???

But now at 15, I see that life is not just about bumbling through every day waiting for the holidays to arrive. There’s so much more. I want to do things that will matter and be beneficial to me and others in the long run. Am I heading the right direction? Do I really live my life for a purpose?

The sun sets and waits for no man.
This picture was taken last year in Phuket. Haha. :)
Have a nice day!

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