Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Joker

Does the title ring a bell?

Yesterday, I came across some old news that Heath Ledger – the guy who’s acting as the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie sequel – had tragically passed away earlier this year in January. Heath Ledger was only 28 when he died of an overdose prescription of drugs. The Dark Knight wasn’t even released in the movies yet, and he was halfway through filming his next movie.

Heath Ledger.
Ledger playing the Joker in Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight.

As I read all the hubbub about Ledger being such an extraordinary iconic character in The Dark Knight and deserving a posthumous Oscar nomination for acting as the psychopatic Joker, I felt sad for him. I wonder if Heath Ledger called out to God in his helpless, dying moment. Had he ever known God in his life? I don’t know. After reading the article, I was left with one question in mind:

What does it matter?

Meanwhile, as people continue their lives on earth, discussing whether Heath deserves a posthumous Oscar award, I can’t help but think: All the fame, all the skill, all the awards Heath Ledger has gained in his 28 years of life on earth – does it all matter now when he’s gone?

Some day, some way, we will all face death. To those who did not choose to place their hope and lives in God’s hands, death would be a dreadfully fearful thing to face. But to those who place their hope in Christ, death would be a wondrous exit from earth that leads to an awakening to eternal bliss with God.

So in the end, no matter how great and successful, all of it really doesn’t matter anymore in the light of death. Death is either an exit from earth to eternal life with God or unending torment without God.

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