Friday, July 18, 2008

Treasure Quest 2008

Whoopee doo! I’m literally brimming with excitement now!

Finally, Royal Rangers is once again coming up with a second Treasure Quest (last year’s was in August) this year. Tomorrow all 15 teams will be meeting in Taman Aman beside the Taman Paramount station to start the treasure quest race.

This year, having moved up to Expedition Rangers, I am allowed to form my own team for the treasure hunt! And the awesome peeps in my team are none other than…


Michelle Yeoh,

Josh Chin,


Jon Lee and,

Hannah Chin!

I can’t wait to work with them all tomorrow! It’s gonna’ be real fun. And we've got real good competition. I can only imagine how this year’s treasure quest will be based on the memories I have of last year’s. But of course, there’s always room for new experiences. =) I will try my best not to expect this year’s to be like the last. And I bet this time they’re gonna’ make it way tougher. Cmdr Darren admitted that he’ll enjoy watching us run around like headless chickens. Pfft. We’ll see about that. :P

The only clue we have now is that our final destination is in Italianies, The Gardens (Mid Valley). And boy am I glad that the finale’s gonna’ be in Mid Valley! Haha, I know it from top to bottom, inside out. (At least I think I know… We’ll see tomorrow. xD) Hopefully my team arrives at Italianies on time. I don’t wanna’ be late and end up missing out on the good food!

So till my update on Treasure Quest 2008, have a fabulous weekend y'all! ;)

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