Friday, August 22, 2008

Mum’s Birthday

Two weeks ago, my family went to Sun & Surf café in Sunway hotel to celebrate my mum’s birthday. Her actual birthday was on August 9. Yeah I know, this is one really late update, and that’s not very typical of me. Ha-ha. :P But no worries, I assure you that I won’t stop blogging as long as I’m free to do it. No matter how late the update. Haha. :)

Anyway, as you would expect, we took a some nice pictures at the dinner. So here goes. =)

My goofbum sisters. Jirene looks so oblivious here.
My good ol' dad and mum.

Janna messed her plate with melted chocolate. A lot of melted chocolate.

Jirene enjoying her fingerlickin' good barbeque food. Sun & Surf is having a special for the rest of this year. They are having barbequed food at the poolside in addition to the normal buffet spread. Its really worth it. We might wanna' go there again for my birthday.

My dad had three big scoops of icecream. He drizzled loads of raspberry and chocolate.

Little Miss Tom Thumb playing with her food. She stuck her thumb into a round ball of chocolate.

Playing with food again. Yes, its a "curly" looking cheese stick! If only I had a better word to describe it. Its definitely not curly... LOL.

More chocolate delights. You notice that most of the time I only take pictures of chocolate-related food. AHAHA.

My mum and I eating oysters and peeling prawns. What a monotonous caption!
Then as usual, after the first few rounds, we got so full that we had to go for a walk at the pool garden to "digest" everything.

It took Janna many shots to finally get the composition right. The sides always appeared lopsided. Hahaha. Janna's my victim when it comes to my photography perfectionism. xD

They dislike it when I flash them with the camera. Its quite blinding.


Posing at the Sunway Hotel entrance.
The domes look splendid at night.

Oh no, Janna's catching up on me! :P (Jirene's got quite a long way to go though... Hahahah.)

Happy Blessed Birthday, mummy dear. You’ve been a great awesome part of our lives. May God’s favor and blessings be with you always. Love you loads! ;)

Aw man, time flies so quickly. It’s two more weeks till my birthday. My birthday’s always the last. I hope it’ll be the best. :P Haha. But then after that we’ll have to find some other good occasion to celebrate for. x)

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Matt said...

Maybe you could try "wavy" cheese stick? xD

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