Monday, September 29, 2008

September Ends

Aaaahhh, this is crazy. How did time fly by so fast?

When you want more time, it seems like the clock purposefully ticks faster. September ends in two more days!!!

Yesterday was Selangor 7’s last Royal Rangers’ meeting for the year. We had a jolly time of food, games, and snapping pictures. I really, really wish that I can join my awesome friends in rangers next year! But of course, everyone knows that I’ll be off to Kanga-land in Novemberrr. Gah, four more weeks to go!

I wish I can stay for a longer time. Things are just starting to warm up,
and I’m only beginning to get to know some of you better. Even in such a short time, my sisters and I are making such good friends already. It’s a pity that we have to go so soon!

Yet despite the short time, I still really, really thank God that I have crossed paths with all of you! It’s amazing that God has led us to cross paths at this intersection in our lives. I’m so glad for the opportunity to meet you all. Some more, some less – but hey, it’s not by chance. I ask God, why so little time? But it’s not my right to ask why. God sees the bigger picture.

So as a family and individually, we are trusting God with all our hearts to lead us as we open a new chapter to our lives and make our transit to Aussieland. But of course, we will not forget all the precious memories of our years here. Some of you have made your marks in my heart and my memory. You have left your footsteps in my life. And I hope I have made a difference in your life, too. ;)

And now, for the pictures taken yesterday. :)
Carmen Chang, me, and Claudia. I followed my aunt May to her church yesterday.
My sisters and I are staying over at our cousins Jon and Ben's house till Friday. My parents have gone on another getaway to Manado, Indonesia for their last tropical waters dive before we head to Australia. Can't wait to see my dad's underwater pictures. :D

Janna and the girls.

We'll be seeing them again this Wednesday for ice-skating. :D

After makan-ing with the Expedition rangers (we had A LOT of food yesterday!) I went to the Uth Hall to snap some shots with the Adventure bunch. I'm glad I did! It'll be the last time we take pictures in uniform!

Haha, Acker seems to be admiring Jon's medals. :P

With the few Adventure girls. :) Okay, so I wasn't wearing a uniform. xD Only the Adventure bunch was wearing uniform cause' they had their own COA. I managed to buy the 20th Anniversary T-shirt.

Me, Deb Ting, Ash, Janna, Raquel, Sarah Chin, Anusha, Abby Chung, and Shin Yiing. :D

Sweet :) I love Sarah Chin's eyes. Sometimes it makes her look evil when she's not smiling. :P

With the drama-queen siblings! Anusha and Richard. Haha, you have no idea how good a drama-queen Anusha gets when she starts. :P

Through Josh's lenses. Hahaha. Josh had a funny idea to put his specs in front of the camera lens. Too bad his power not that high, otherwise we might look magnified. Haha.

Shin Yiing, Raquel (looking very nice :P), Abby, Deb, and I posing for a milo advert. (Pooh!)

Haha, it wasn't supposed to be like that!

Janna, Ash, and Rosanne

I've finally gotten a picture with Abby! :D

Sometimes it's nice to take close-up's. :)

Only the three of us were wearing the 20th Anniversary shirt! :)

The back of the shirt is just too fabulous!

The Boy who always had his cap on.

Sarah Chin's lovable and cute brother, Elijah! I dunno who snapped this though. Either Josh or Raquel. Haha, Elijah had his cap covering his face the whole time. Funny lil' kid. :P

After snapping pictures with the Adventure guys, I went back up to join the Expedition playing some bang-bang game. Haha, they were wondering where I disappeared to.

This four goofs got penalized. They had to dance four counts of the anniversary dance! Haha.

But as you can see, they kept laughing. So they weren't groovy enough.

After joining the Expedition, I went to check out Jirene with her Discovery rangers friends. Here's a shot of her with the Discov. commanders and the girls.

Yeah, I am also my sisters' hired photographer. Before the events, they had already reminded me to take pictures for them with their friends. ._.

Group hug for the girl who's leaving for Kangaland!

Hannah, Jirene, Jen Yee, Joy, and Debbie.

Haha, Esther and Hannah gave me a lil' group hug when they saw me.

Veronica and I. She has a cute, subtle smile.

Haha, so sweet. :)

Esther and Jirene.

After Rangers, we went to the Curve and to the Bentley music store with Shavonne and Felicia's family. Man, it was a neat place, indeed! There were all sorts of cool instruments. Jon wanted to buy a combined acoustic and electric guitar.

Janna, Shavonne, Felicia, and Jirene jamming on the different pianos and keyboards.

Haha, and me too. That keyboard piano cost about 14 K! Crazee.

The electric guitars looked really cool. I wished I could play them.

The music store was huge. There was another big section for all sorts of drum parts and cymbals.

There was another big area that displayed all sorts of cool-looking tom-toms, too! I like the bold, checkered one.

Jeremy Ng trying out an acoustic guitar.
They had all sorts hanging on every wall.
Then later we had dinner at Just Dessert.

Felicia, Janna, and Shavonne.

I was super full from the feast at Rangers, so I only had some iced mango dessert.

Haha, I like Shavonne, she's beyond cute. :P

Yeah, you know what we're up to. Again.

Discussing our next pose. :P

Ha, I told you! Shavonne is BEYOND cute! HAHA. :)

Till then, have a fun week of holidays! :)

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