Saturday, September 27, 2008

8 Years Later

Guess what, after 8 long years, I found my old friend on Facebook!

And just the other day, my dad was telling me that he found an old, old friend on Facebook, too. It has been more than 20 years since they contacted each other.

For me and my friend, it’s only been 8 years since we’ve lost contact. Nothing compared to a good, long 20 years, huh? But still, I was very pleased when I somehow managed to contact her.

8 years ago, we were kiddies running around in school during recess playing “catching”. We used to pass letters to each other and to our other “best friends” at class. And would you believe it, I still keep some of them!!! Haha.

You know, time works wonders. (Or maybe in most cases it doesn’t.) Haha. Just a few minutes ago my friend and I were chatting about all the normal stuff that has been going on in our lives the past 8 years. It was a brief chat. She saw the pictures on my blog and exclaimed that I look so different now. And, she did mention that I looked very tall in the pictures.

HAHA. Do I? :P

Do I???

Okay never mind, maybe I do. Yes, time works wonders. :P Ahahaha.

After our chat, I stopped a while to just daydream (or rather, midnight dream – its 2 am now) about the past 8 years. Everything swirled in a big blur. I remember snippets here and there. Some moments are meaningful, some less. It’s funny to think that for the past 8 years, we have both been living our separate lives. Growing taller, chubbier, or less chubbier, making new best friends, seeing the world through different lenses…

And now, we finally find out that we live actually so near each other!

Ha ha. How funny. How very funny.

Jen & Jan. :D I think we both look very different now compared to what memories we have of each other's kiddy faces. Maybe we will meet up before I go off in November. :)

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