Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Next Adventure

Phew, the past few posts have been full of pictures! And now finally, I can settle down and type a snippet of what the past few months has been like for me and my family, as we anticipate our big move to Australia. Wahoo. :D

When my parents told me that we would be going to Melbourne in November, I was purely stunned. My first reaction was, “What, we’re leaving so fast?! I thought we still have two more years here!”

Really, all of us thought that we still had a lot of time before “the big move”. But somehow, in a turn of events, our time was cut short and the entry date turned out to be the 3rd of November! So yes, we have only 5 more weeks in Malaysia…

Do I sound cool about it?


Golly, it’s pretty scary. But by God’s grace we are still keeping our cool and praying hard for His guidance. Most people will gawk at us in disbelieve when we tell them that none of us have ever been to Melbourne before. Yes, we have never step foot in Melbourne. All I can IMAGINE of what life would be there are my memories of our visit to Perth 5 years back.

When we received the confirmation in April, all of us were excited. But the news didn’t really sink in. November seemed distant and I thought it would be many more days before we would say our last goodbyes. Even now, with 5 weeks to go, the thought hasn’t fully sunk in!

But really, I can’t escape the nudging thought that we’re going to live there. Make a home out of wherever we’re going to stay. Study there. Make new friends. Adjust to the lifestyle and the people. Now I’ll know what it feels like to leave all that’s so very familiar – everything that makes this place home.

But hey, I do think that it’s going to be heaps of fun there. I can’t wait! I’m gonna’ take lots of pictures and whenever I can, I’ll update you guys on our new chapter of life. I think we’re gonna’ love the weather. And the food. And traveling there. Maybe once we settle down we’ll buy a caravan and travel to the different parts of Australia. Man, it’s gonna’ be one long and adventurous holiday!

We are probably too adventurous for our own good. But God has led us thus far, and I believe He’ll continue to direct our paths and lead us to our next destination. For now, we’re packing up and doing whatever we can to prepare for our “big move”.

Wahoo. :D

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