Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sel 7’s 20th Anniversary

Wahoo, I’ve finally arranged and posted the pictures of last week’s 20th Anniversary celebration for our Selangor 7 Royal Rangers!

Last Saturday we all had a council fire night in Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam, for the anniversary celebration. Instead of having it in church, they decided to do something different and have the anniversary outdoors this year. The weather was splendid. God answered our prayers, and it didn’t rain!

After the council fire night, quite a bunch of us stayed over in pitched tents at Bukit Cahaya. So it was really quite fun. :D It was a good chance for me to hang out with my friends before I leave for Australia. I took a lot of pictures this time (okay, I guess I take a lot of pictures every time…). Haha. It was my last camp with my awesome Ranger pals. But oh well, I’m really, really glad that we managed to snap quite alotta’ fun pictures together. What beautiful memories. :D

Anyway, I guess I’ll narrate through the picture captions! ;) Enjoy.

A shot of Rosanne, Esther, and I. The expedition rangers went to the camp site at about 11 to help out with the decoration and practices. Here's the expedition and adventure rangers chalet. We decorated the chalet with banners and pictures like a lil' "museum" for the parents to tour later on.

Posing at the window.

Esther and I.

After a few poses, we noticed the sunlight streaming in through the window and we started creating cool shadows with our hands!

Sweet. :)

Credits to Rosanne. Although Esther and I had to squat there for quite a long time before Roz snapped the perfect shot... HAHA. :P

The old banners were hung everywhere!

Cmdr Theresa in deep thought. :P

We had tin-foil cooking before dinner for the rangers and parents.

Abigail Ho and I

June Chong and I =)

Charlene and I

Me and Shaina posing for a shot before the whole council fire began. She was in her dance costume.

Superposers. :D

Hahaa. ;)

The Sel #1 rangers came over, too! I only had a shot with Su Ling and Penny after dinner!

The starting of the council fire.

The dance team.

Our three awesome puppet emcees! (Shin Yiing, Brian Tan, and Josh Chin.) They were really good -- with a tad bit of accent. HAHA.

The KL 1# guys were present, too. Here's a shot with Kah Yun and Hansel.

A candid shot of the Expedition bunch! :D Shawna, Zack, me, Wee Yen, Diane, Yu Tjin, Charlene, Jeff Goh, and Renee.

Haha, they were all eyes on Shawna. Diane's expression is classic. :P

Expedition girls :)

Sally the puppet, Shin Yiing and I

Ashley, Serena, and Janna

Esther Ooi, Debbie, and Jirene in their tent.

Shaina and I chilling out by the campfire after the council fire.

Jirene and her pajama party friends. :P Discovery girls posing. :) Jirene, Joy, Deb, Danica, and Isabelle.

Isabelle and I.

Hahaha, what's with the "look" Shai? :P

With Isabelle the cutie pie.

About nine of us (all Adventure fellas except for Janice and I) scrambled out of the tent at 5. 30 am to play mafia by the pool. HAHA.

Some of them got Colgated and smothered with flour and FACIAL FOAM in the middle of the night by the Expedition rascals. :P This poor fella was still in deep sleep. HAHA.

After two rounds of mafia, Jon and his gang attempted to dunk Josh into the pool at 6 in the morning. Crazee fellas. Haha.

Zoe chipped in, too. :P

Hanging out at the poolside. Me, Raquel, Shin Yiing, Debra, and Janice.

This is a nice shot. :)

The guys taking a turn to dunk Zoe in the pool. Haha.

Deb, Jirene, and Danica.

Ash, Serena, and Janna.

Haha, Debra, Raquel, ShinYiing, Janice, and I posing again. On some dead tree stumps!

Aww, this is precious. :)

Super girls.

Janice and I were tent-mates for the night with Trixie. We didn't sleep the whole night! Haha. We were talking non-stop wei. So the guys had no chance to colgate us. :P

Before leaving, we had some really cool shots snapped in the tent!

So sweet. :) I love this! Janice, Zoe, Me, and Shaina.

Haha. :D

HAHA, Shaina's looks as if she's pointing the bad finger. Lol. (Nolah, don't worry, she's a good girl alrighttt. :P)

Beaaautifulll. I'm so glad I managed to snap these tent shots with you girls! ;)

Whee :D

I'll really treasure all the awesome memories and pictures captured with you all! You've all been so much fun. ;)

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