Saturday, September 20, 2008


Okay, I am finally posting the pictures I snapped last week at the day out in 1 U with Shabeta, Jon, and Kelvin. Haha, sorry, I’ve been grounded. :P
So here goes the pictures. ;)

Me, Shab, and Sarah Ti.

Kelvin with the waffle and ice cream scoops. Yum.

This is pretty good abstract! Shab took it by accident. Haha.

After eating, we went off to One World hotel to snap more pictures. Shab had stayed there the night before. Chandeliers were almost hanging from every ceiling!

Poserlicious. :)

We actually moved the sculptor aside so we could take the picture in front of the beautiful mirror! HAHA. Jakuns in a hotel. :P

I brought my mini tripod, so we could take some pictures even though it was just the two of us. The guys had to go back already.

Haha, I happened to be walking in the line.

I look a bit too orange here. Haha.

Then we went out to the garden to snap. =) It was a pretty nice place.

The tripod was really useful to take these pictures.

Sweet. :)

Our faces silhouetted against the blue sky.

Cool angle.

This is what you get when you flash on manual mode. Clever Shabeta. :P HAHA.

It was a nice poserlicious day out, indeed! Wish I joined ya'll earlier and had more time. Hopefully I’ll have time to hang out with you guys again. ;)

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