Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today I met up with Shabeta, Roberts, and Kelvin. Yeah, what a funny bunch, huh? :P Haha. We also bumped into Sarah Ti, Grace, Zoe Tai, and some new GRC dude called Matthew. Haha, I’ll post the pictures up soon. Be patient, Shab. ;)

Anyway, by now, I suppose that a lot of you know the BIG NEWS about me and my family.

Yes, you guessed it. We are going to AUSTRALIA!!!

And no, it’s not for a holiday. But yes, we are MIGRATING! Remember I wrote in a post some time ago that I can’t wait to go for my next “long and adventurous holiday”? Haha, now you get it. It sure will be a long and adventurous one. =)

Everyone’s been taking turns to give me their super-shocked reactions when I tell them. Haha. Anyway, once I clear up the pictures, I’ll talk about going to Australia, okey? =) Till then, stay tuned for that very important post, and for now enjoy the pictures I took at Rangers and at the worship team barbeque last Sunday! ;)

Last Sunday the Expedition rangers were all busy preparing and getting the stuff out of the storeroom for this Saturday's anniversary. Anyway, this was taken with the two cutesy Adventure girls, Shin Yiing and Sarah Chin. ;)

With the two awesome sisters, Shawna and Shaina.

Shawna, Me, Shaina, Janna, Renee, and Hannah

Aw, Shaina!!! I'll miss you. :P

Cmdr. Roz and Janna

Raquel with her pro DLSR. Haha, no, it's Wee Yen's Nikon lar... :P

Petrinaaa. :D

Yen and I. Yerr, we look kinda funny. Yu Tjin la, forever sticking his hand in front of the camera.

With the kiddos. Felicia, Shavonne, Jirene, and Jeremy.

Raquel and my sisters.

Haha, Raquel took this. :)

Janna and I.

Does she looks like she's climbing the tree???

Aha! After Rangers, I went to the youth house to meet up with Fel, Jon Ngin, Roberto, Shern Yang, Peter Kong, and Stephen for a barbeque - specially organized by Fel for us all cause' we were serving in the youth sunday worship team the past few months. :D

Oh and by the way, this is a picture of Roberts attempting to "skewer" a chicken wing. Failed attempt, though. HAHA.

Jon Ngin, our expert chicken-wing-skewer. Haha.

Fel prepared all the food! Awesome stuff. Haha. Can you believe that only 7 of us (plus Kevin and George later) managed to finish all the food - 30 hotdogs, more than 10 pieces lamb, 30 chicken wings, beef patty burgers, and a whole cake. Not bad wei. Haha. :P

Peter Kong, Stephen, and Fel.

Jon looking very white. Haha.

All of us. :D The two goons that were missing were Arun and Andrewpaul.

And guess what, after the barbeque, they surprised me with a birthday cake!

Thanks ya'll. =)

But then after that Fel walloped the whole cake. Hahaha. :P

Jon beat all of us at foosball.

Taking some "unprepared" group shots.

George joined us by then, too.


Felicity and I. Thanks for planning the barbeque, Fel! We all had a good time. The food was awesome. :D No wonder we walloped everything. :P HAHA.

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