Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthday at Michaelangelo’s

Last Sunday, I turned fifteen. What a nice number, eh?

On Saturday night, I had a birthday dinner in Michelangelo’s with Mei Jean, Janice, Emily, Ryan, and Benny. Haha. =) A few others couldn’t make it, unfortunately. Anyway, we had fun chatting over dinner and everything. And all of a sudden, Benny became very enthusiastic about telling us his old schoolboy stories. HAHA. :P

After the dinner, Mei Jean and I followed Janice home. We wanted to have a sleepover in Janice’s place so we could have a real pillow talk at night. :D And I’m glad we did! We’ve never had the chance to have a real chat before, so it was a really awesome time we had. Pamela joined us, too. We ended up talking and talking non-stop until about 5 in the morning! Man, it was fun. After that night, I sure did get to know them a whole lot more. :)

There were a few times when Janice and Mei Jean “abandoned” Pam and me. They kept saying they wanted to go to the kitchen to drink water. And each time, they took a very long time to “drink water”. But good thing Pam was there to keep me company. :P There was once when I told her, “Eh why those two so funny wan. They’ve been going down to drink water dunno’ how many times already!” I was wondering if they were having their own pillow talk downstairs.

At midnight, someone turned off the lights. And then I saw lighted candles! And a big tray of cupcakes! Haha. That’s when I found out what “those two” were up to. Janice and Mei Jean came up with a tray of cupcakes – decorated with transparent icing! HAHA, I'll leave it at that. :P They sang happy birthday and Ryan took pictures. I really didn’t expect that one!

After that, they told me that Pam was actually supposed to “distract” me while they went downstairs to fix the cakes and icing. And yeah, I didn’t suspect anything. Either I was that blur, or I really thought they meant to abandon me and Pam! Haha. x)

Anyway, here are the pictures we took! =)

At Michaelangelo's with Emily, Mei Jean (who is partially hiding behind me :P) and Janice.

Emily looking sullen. HAHA.

Ryan being... Ryan. :P

I love pasta.

We took some shots outside before dinner. :)

Ryan Lai was our un-official photographer. Haha. ;)

Nolahh, that's not all that we called. Hahaha.

Mei Jean and I. She was the one who planned everything. =)

Emily and Janice showing off their GREEN braces. Haha, sweet.

Finally, a group picture. Mei Jean, Janice, Me, Benny, and Ryan. (Oh, but Emily left early already!)

Mei Jean and I being the only "sane" ones. Hahaha.

Later at the sleepover in Janice's place! =)

At midnight, Janice and Mei Jean surprised me with cupcakes and candles and a birthday song! Haha, it was really sweet. Pam joined our "pillow talk", too. :D

We talked so much that the next morning, Mei Jean told me that I sleep-talked! Guess what I said in my sleep?

Eh Mei Jean, why you so potong steam wan?!?

HAHAHA, I have no idea why I said that! x)

Well, it was a really nice night with you guys. Hope we can have another sleepover again. Soon. :P

P.S. Janice bakes pretty yummy cupcakes!

P.S.S. I don’t even bake. :P

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Fiona Gan said...

happy belated birthday, janielle!

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