Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Posers Unite II

Okay, so I’ve finally managed to get the pictures from Zlwin. So this post is a continuation of the previous post. =) Ooh, I simply love the group pictures we took! :)

And guess what, my dad has finally bought the UNDERWATER CAMERA!!! :D

Enjoy the pictures! ;)

This is simply the BEST group shot, man! Perfect composition. Thank God Zlwin brought his tripod! :D

Notice Shannon was being a spoil sport. We were all posing and she was busy smsing at the back. :P HAHA.

This is a nice shot at TGIF. Before the food messed the table.

The besties in hoodies. :) You wonder why I was holding the ketchup bottle. :P

We were celebrating like two weeks before our actual birthdates.

Aw this is a good one. :D

And guess what, all nine of us started posing in the middle of the hubbub of people along the shops! Its fun if you do it in a big group. :)

Zlwin suggested it. You know, he always has these weird ideas that turn out pretty good. Haha. :P


Ooh I love this one. :D Hahaha, notice Shannon and Sarah.

Why so special, you wonder. Well, you'll find out soon enough.

Goshh, I look so small. HAHA.

Sweet :)

Spot Sarah doing her solo flying kiss. Haha.

Aww this is beauuutifulll :D

Kelly, me, and Aisha. XOXOXO =)

Haha, Aisha looks cute. :P

Its fun when you go out with a bunch of posers. And with a camera of course. Haha. :P

Haha Shannon looks smug. :P

Cheers, to our best shot! ;)

Wahoo, my dad finally bought an underwater camera! =D Notice that the picture in the screen on the cam is my other Canon Semi pro (S3 IS).

Honestly, at first sight, I would have thought it's some lousy, old-fashioned camera! Haha.

But hey, it's a Canon G9 Semi-Pro!

And oh yea, I actually forgot to snap it in its underwater housing. It looks cooler in the big underwater casing. I'll do that some other time.

Till then, have a nice day ;)

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