Saturday, September 6, 2008

Posers Unite!

Woohoo, today I had quite a blast of a time in 1U with my jolly good ol’ friends. I finally met up with Shannon, Sarah Pang, Kelly Yap (!), Joyce, Zlwin, Aisha, Gabby, and Caleb! They’re such an awesomely fun and chattable bunch. :)

Take note of today’s title: Posers Unite! Haha, I think it’s a very good title. :P We took A LOT of pictures today. :D Well, what more can you expect lar. If there’s Zlwin and I there, surely the rest will be drawn into the whole photography and posing here posing there affair. HAHA. xD And I’m so happy. God knows when I’ll be able to meet them again in such a big bunch!

I snapped nearly two hundred pictures today. Zlwin’s got more. He brought his tripod along, so we managed to take many groups shots. They’re really nice. So for now, I’ll just post the ones that I have. Once I get the pictures from Zlwin’s camera, then I’ll post part two. Haha, his camera has the nicer group photos. =)

Before going to 1 U, me, Joyce, and my sisters had to go to church first cause' I had a violin class. That's where we met some of the Klang fellas who came to PJ for some GCC workshop. So we decided to join Shirlynn, Brian, David Superman :P, Brian, Han Ern, and Alex at the mamak near church. Haven't seen them for quite long wei... Haha.
You wonder why are they all wearing yellow. Doing some Digi advert or something. Haha.

Shirlynn wasn't on time. Haha. :P

Finally snapped a decent shot with a David. :P Hahaa.

Later in 1 U, we all met up and decided to go to Friday's for lunch since we could get a few cakes free. (My birthday and Shannon's falls in September.)

Looks like Joyce was showing a bad finger sign. Haha. Sarah also. :P

Oh this is lovely. Me, Kelly, Joyce, Aisha, Shannon, Sarah, and Gabby.
Zlwin with his tripod and camera.

Shannon demonstrating some taichi before we begin out feast. HAHA.

Kelly and I =)

Caleb and Zlwin.

Credits to Caleb. I like this close up shot. We seldom take pictures like this. Haha.

This is super deelicious! It was full of cheeeese! I love cheese.

We called two mudpies to share. Super heavenly stuff.

Then the cake came. And they just had to humiliate us by making me give a speech and guess what, Shannon had to sing and dance! HAHA.

Oh no, looks like I wanted to bash Shannon with the tomato bottle. Haha.

Next time, I won't go to TGIF for any birthdays already. Haha. Its like we've seen this done a thousand times. The same old thing. But of course, we still had loadsa' fun laughing and chatting.

Shannon and Joyce looks impatient to savour the chocolate cake. Haha.

This one's really sweet. =)

Guess who???

The two big time posers. Haha.
Haha, the two guys were wearing so formal compared to the girls la. LOL.

We went up to the playground to take some shots. I'll grab from Zlwin the group pictures soon. Those were really cool. =)


Aisha at the back, Shannon, Me, Kelly, and Gabby.
Whoa, Kelly's a high jumper man. Haha.

Zlwin and I

The two gay fellas. Eh no, Caleb looks fine actually. :P

Hey, I actually took quite a lotta shots with Kelly wei. That's good. :D

Lookin' good.

Sarah and I.

Haha, Sarah's expression cracks me up. :P


Lookin' cool. :) Haha, it so happened that the two of us had hoodies that day. And the colors somehow match. And we were the birthday girls. :P Haha.

I had a really nice time with you guys. =) Hope to hang out with ya'll soon again! :D

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