Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Captured Beauty

Wahoo, I’m back with more nature pictures! God’s handcrafted beauties are my best subjects, including humans. :P Love ‘em. Ahaha. I am also beginning to learn to “compose” photographs instead of just waiting for a moment to come and then only snap. I’ll talk about that when I have enough “composed” pictures to display here. Hehe. =)

Oh and guess what, I was close to jumping up and down like a fanatic when my dad announced that he might be buying an UNDERWATER CAMERA!!! The model he searched high and low for is also a semi-pro like my current one, although the optical zoom is not as powerful. But its more expensive than the latest S5 Canon Semi-Pro cause’ its more compact and I was super happy when my dad said its in black! I’d prefer black than the ordinary silver. More classy. :P Hehe.

I’ve just checked out the camera specifications, and I think I’d be ecstatic if my dad buys it. So the next time when we go diving, we’ll have our own underwater cam to play with! Hopefully my dad will buy it in time for his next dive trip to Manado, Indonesia at the end of this month. Then we’ll have some underwater shots taken by him! :D

And meanwhile... I am still very active in capturing the captivating beauty of nature. Here are my latest photographs. Enjoy! :)

My Orangey Starfish
A macro shot of a vibrant orange-colored starfish on my palm. My dad brought back from his dive trip in Sipadan. Now it's dead already; imagine how much more beautiful it will be if its alive!
Not So Lonely

Two birds keeping each other company on cablegrams.

Notice a tiny bird pecking at the tree branch at the right side of the picture. I purposefully allowed some unfocused leaves to enter the left side.
Leafless Trees
I don't think these bare-looking trees are dead, though.

A bird's silhouette along with the leafless branches.

I spent such a long time beside those barren trees. That's when I spotted the bird. I snapped about 30 shots of the same thing, but ended up deleting everything except for two. Hahaha. Photographers are perfectionists. If we're not purposefully taking candid shots... :P

I wish the sky was more blue. Then this picture would be splendid.

Once again, I wished the sky was more blue. This is actually the crown of a funny-looking tree.

The Empty Park-bench

What stands out in this picture (for me) is the empty park-bench. Black and white suits it.


Guess who's my model in this picture. :)

What's wrong with this park?

There are no kiddies around at the playground!

Green Reflections
This is one of my favorites! It's somewhat unique compared to the other pictures that I've taken. I love the brilliant vibrant green reflections of the huge bird's nest fern. This was taken in my garden.

Can you guess how this picture appeared like that? It's quite confusing if you try making out this picture.

It is actually a reflection of the sunshine on a pool of water! That's why you can see the glittery specks in the water when the sun shines on it. The green fern is also reflected. But it is blur because the focus is on the sunshine and the specks.

Blurred Sunset

A different perspective of an ordinary sunset. I purposefully shook the camera to create this effect. I think it's lovely.

My friend MacBern commented on this picture on Flickr and I think he best described it:

It's like a watercolour sky, layers of primaries and pastels, beautiful :-)

A Fiery Sunset

The sun was just about to sink below the silhouetted trees when I caught it just in time!

A Ball of Fire

The sun is in an abnormally perfect sphere! It is really like a "ball of fire" sinking below the trees. I love the fiery orange that is captured.

* * *

And oh yeah, I thought it’ll be fun if you guys could review the pictures up there and drop by the chat box to give a vote on which is your best favorite. ;)

Have a nice day! :D

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