Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Very Own

Wahoo, I’ve finally, officially, bought my very own brand new violin! :D

Actually, I bought it on August 16th. I wanted to post some pictures of the violin, but then I just didn’t have the right lighting and background to snap. So yeah, a few days ago I finally did it with the perfect-est lighting that truly made the violin look brilliant.

Oh my beautiful violin! :P It feels so good to have my own. I really am so grateful to God for it.

It looks classy in black and white, too. Hehe. =)

Hmm, I promise you that someday, when I do look more “professional” with the violin, then I’ll take a pose with it. :P Ahaha. ;)

* * *
Today, I had the chance to hang out with Tania for a bit. I went to her house in the afternoon and followed her for another public speaking session. Today was a “skit day”. We were all divided into groups and given some random theme and a very short time to make up an impromptu skit. It was quite fun. Sarah Chin was there, too. Annndd… I acted as Paris Hilton in Tania’s group. Totally random. (Is Paris Hilton a rich snob?) Ahahaha.

Now I have a running nose, and I feel like going to sleep. :P

Till then, have a beaaauutiful weekend! =)

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