Thursday, October 2, 2008

So Yesterday

My sisters and I joined my cousins on a day outing to Sunway Pyramid with their church friends. And as always, we had a blast of a time with them! :D

We tried ice-skating in the afternoon and lasted in the rink for nearly four hours. It would have been a jolly lot more fun if my feet didn’t feel as if it was being crushed by the skate shoes. Gah, I came back with bruises and a blister. Other than that, I’d say that my sisters and I could skate pretty well – for first timers… Hahaha. It’ll be our first and last time skating here!

After the skating, we purchased tickets to watch Eagle Eye. I’m glad we watched it instead of Mamma Mia. Musicals aren’t really my thing. Shia Lebeouf’s in Eagle Eye. Man, I still can’t believe he used to be the goof who acted in Even Stevens. And, I used to dislike that show. Haha.

Eagle Eye is something like Bourne Ultimatum – non-stop action. And it leaves you guessing throughout until the end when you finally get what the whole cat-and-dog chase is about. Pretty cool. I had a fun time in the cinema laughing and gripping the sides of my seat with Deborah at the thrilling parts. :P

Man, it seemed to me like we were on an eating spree the whole day out. Haha, we had a heavy breakfast, some snacks and lunch in between ice skating, fries, burgers, and ice cream for tea, lotsa’ popcorn in the cinema, aaaannd… Bak Kut Teh for dinner! Crazee. Now that’s what I call non-stop action. Haha. But it was loadsa’ fun and laughter in between, too. :P

Deborah, me, and Claudia.

Janna, Jirene, and Felicia enjoying their McFlurry Mudpie. Mmm.

Jeremy Ng digging into his Big Mac! This would make a really neat McDonald's advert. :D

Big Jon, small Jon, Joash, Ben, and Jeremy playing with fooood. Yeah, you bet, I went out with a bunch of kiddos resembling monkeys for a whole day. Boy, how cool is that?!?

Another perfect McD ad! :D

Jirene and Shavonne. Haha, I told you, Shavonne's beyond cute. And oh oh, did you know, she's Jeremy's sister. They could be twins. :P

The trio.

Carmen, Deb, and I. Sweet. :)

Guess what, all twelve of us kiddoes occupied the whole row of seats in the cinema! Haha, it was quite cool. :P

The non-stop action thriller.

All the sweet and pretty girls. :) Oh hey, I seem to appear taller than Deborah in this picture! Harhar. :P

We had a fun day out with ya'll. It was our last time meeting them before we're going off. But oh well, who knows, we might meet again. :)

Till then, have a fabulous day ;)

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