Saturday, October 4, 2008

31 Days to Go

Today, I decided to spend 3 hours of my day to sort through the stuff in my room. I had three goals:

One, to throw away the junk.

Two, to keep the stuff I’d like to bring to Australia.

And three, to set aside the things that I can give away.

As expected, I ended up throwing away a lot of junk. Now, my room is nearly quite empty.

For now, I don’t bother making it feel like it’s MY room anymore. I’ve taken down all the photographs, notes, and flyers from the pin-board on my wall. My shelves are emptied of books. All’s cleared except for my desk, which is still cluttered with papers and reminders and the remaining math books that I need to complete before November 3rd! Gah, that’s the bad part – we must complete the things that we cannot do in Australia.

Cannot do in Australia! Oh bummer, we have 31 days to go – exactly one month!

Somehow, I hardly have any “personal belongings” to bring to Melbourne. Only about a bagful of clothes, some thick jackets, a few favorite books, my camera, violin, plus some other little things… and yeah, that’s about all on my mind.

While sorting through, I realized that there are some things I don’t need to bring over. Only certain things will matter in the end. We have so many destinations in life. As we go from one place to another, we have to choose what we want to carry on with us. Whether it is material things or memories, only some will make a good mark in our lives.

So for the first time, I have the opportunity to start over and choose the things and memories that is worth carrying with me to my next destination.

It'll be the same thing for you. So whatever is your next destination, choose well what you’d wanna’ carry on with you.

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Shannon Keng said...

I'm currently in the library lab now in college, and I was about to fall asleep. Suddenly I came over to your blog and while reading your blog, I lost the sleepiness. It kind of gave me a jolt. Love this post.

It kind of is a reminder to us that there are more things to look forward to in the future.

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