Monday, October 6, 2008

Up in Genting

Haha, guess what, my family and I are actually chilling out at Awana Resort up in Genting Highlands now. :D I just came back from a dip in the heated pool and jacuzzi. It felt good in the cool weather. :)

We came here yesterday afternoon, along with some of our cousins, their family, and my grandma. We went to the theme park yesterday. I think after so many visits, we could expect what the rides were gonna’ be like. But it was fun hanging out with our cousins the whole day. This’ll be our last Malaysian holiday before we’re off. :O Haha. :)

With Bridget and Janna.

Lining up for the bumper boat ride with Phyllis, Bridget, Jon, Jirene, and Janna.

Ashley and I. :)

Riding the swings.

All of us after the Corkscrew ride. The adults didn't come with us. So Nick and Phyllis were our "babysitters" for the day. Hahaa. :P

That's all for pictures today. When we go back tomorrow, we’d have to really get our butts moving and start packing and preparing for Melbourne. Oh man, this feels like the “calm before the storm”, as cliché as it sounds. Haha. :P I’ll post more pictures when I’m back. We’re off to shoot some arrows at the archery range now. My dad has got a card that entitles us to shoot unlimited arrows – for free. :D

G’day, mates! ;)

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